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April 5 -- Traquia C. Kennedy, 23, Hawthorne Street probation violation.
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 Note: All information included in this report is taken from law enforcement incident reports and arrest records, which are public records and available for review at any and all local law enforcement agencies. Not every arrest leads to a conviction. Guilt or innocence is determined by the court system.

Statesboro Police Arrests
    * Traquia C. Kennedy, 23, Hawthorne Street – probation violation.
    * Skyler Thad Simons, 29, Old Carriage Trail – following too closely, DUI.
    * Krystayn Lafontayn Perkins, 38, Chandler Road – obstruction, criminal trespass.
    * Brian Maurice Strickland, 20, Chandler Road – failure to maintain lane, Dui under 21.
    * Charlene Marie Jones, 28, no specific address listed, Millen – tag light violation, driving with a suspended license.
    * Vincent Paul King, 48, Savannah Avenue – simple battery, DUI (refused test), obstruction, obstructing or hindering a person making emergency phone calls.

Bulloch  Sheriff’s Arrests
    * Edward Joseph Boger, 41, East Garvin Street, Bloomingdale – simple battery, false imprisonment.
     * Roberto Martinez, 20, West Lauren Way, Kennesaw – hit and run, marijuana possession.
    * Jonathan Lebaron Watson, 23, Success Court – battery, criminal trespass (family violence).

Georgia State Patrol Arrests
    Troopers issued the following citations Friday – Sunday:
    * DUI arrests
    · Casey Daniel Farrow, 20, Ga. 280, Claxton – DUI under 21 (.094).
    · Tobias Gadson III, 24, Rosemary Church Road, Metter – DUI (.121).
    · Corey Austin Pierce, 20, Lucy Lane – DUI under 21 (.030).
    · Vannise Marie Wilkerson, 50, Olive Street – DUI (refused test).
    * Seatbelt citations – four.
    * Child restraint citations – four.
    * Speeding citations – 16.

Georgia Southern University Arrests
    * Benjamin Andrew Jones, 18, Southern Pines — possession of a weapon in a school safety zone, possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute in/near a school zone, possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, sale of marijuana and unlawful use of communication facilities.
    * Allison Paige McDonald, 19, Eagle Village — underage possession/consumption of alcohol, pedestrian under the influence and possession of a false I.D.
    * Scott Allen Morton, 20, Cambridge at Southern Apartments — underage possession/consumption of alcohol.
    * Officers issued six traffic citations Saturday and four Sunday.

Statesboro Police Incidents
    * PALMETTO COURT – A man called police after a woman threw cooked hamburger meat at him during an argument over jealousy.
    * GARDEN DISTRICT – A woman said a man struck her in the face with his fist during an argument over “silly stuff.”
    * HONEY BOWEN BUILDING – A juvenile girl became stuck in a swing and the support chains had to be cut in order for her to escape its confines. She was not injured.
    * FOXLAKE SUBDIVISION – A mother said her son pushed her down and held her down during a dispute over keys. The son said his mother “dramatically” fell down on her own.
    * FOXRIDGE APARTMENTS – Several females fought each other, and they all suffered visible injuries. No one was arrested, but police gave information on the warrant process.
    * GATE/SOUTH MAIN STREET – A woman said a female she knows walked up, opened her car door, kicked her in the leg, and fled.
    * CHANDLER ROAD – A woman was arrested after someone reported seeing her breaking into cars.
    * SAVANNAH AVENUE – A man came home intoxicated, pushed his wife, and interfered when she called for help via phone.

Bulloch Sheriff’s Incidents
    * WOODLANDS DRIVE – (Statesboro) A deputy helped Statesboro Police with a call about a person trying to break into apartments. The man fled, running fast in spite of having only one shoe. When deputies caught him they noted he had urinated on himself, and when placed into the patrol car, he defecated on himself. He was arrested and taken to jail.
    * TWIN FORKS ROAD – (Pembroke) A man reported the theft of an air conditioning unit.
    * GA. 119 – (Ellabell) A man and woman were involved in a domestic dispute.
    * LANGSTON CHAPEL ROAD (Statesboro) A man and woman argued after he came home intoxicated. She said he grabbed her and threw her down on a bed, causing visible injuries. He also damaged her bed, she said.

Georgia Southern University Incidents
    * FRIDAY — Officers assisted six motorists, responded to one alarm and investigated one accident.
    * SATURDAY — Officers issued two traffic warnings and assisted one motorist.
    * SUNDAY — Officers issued four traffic warnings, assisted three motorists and responded to two alarms.

Georgia State Patrol Incidents
    Troopers reported the following activity over the weekend:
    * Crashes investigated – five.
    * Fatalities reported – none.
    * Total vehicle stops – 63.
    * Seat belt warnings – four.
    * Child restraint warnings – none.
    * Speeding warnings – 14.
    * Total warnings – 65.
    * Wanted persons apprehended – none.
    * Stolen vehicles recovered – none.
    * Road checks performed  — 12.
    * Motorists assisted – none.
    * Miles patrolled – 1,745.

911 Law Enforcement Reports
    Central 911 Dispatchers issued the following calls Friday — Monday:
    * Bulloch County Sheriff’s Department/Friday — 14 calls.
    * Bulloch County Sheriff’s Department/Saturday — 14 calls.
    * Bulloch County Sheriff’s Department/Sunday — 18 calls.
    * Statesboro Police Department/Friday – 32 calls.
    * Statesboro Police Department/Saturday – 26 calls.
    * Statesboro  Police Department/Sunday –  25 calls.
    * Georgia Southern University Police/Friday – no calls.
    * Georgia Southern University Police/Saturday – no calls.
    * Georgia Southern University Police/Sunday – one call.
    * Georgia State Patrol/Friday – 13 calls.
    * Georgia State Patrol/Saturday — one call.
    * Georgia State Patrol/Sunday — three calls.
    * Candler County Sheriff’s Department/Friday – 12 calls.
    * Candler County Sheriff’s Department/Saturday — 14 calls.
    * Candler County Sheriff’s Department/Sunday – three calls.
    * Evans County Sheriff’s Department/Friday – eight calls.
    * Evans County Sheriff’s Department/Saturday – four calls.
    * Evans County Sheriff’s Department/Sunday – four calls.
    * Claxton Police Department /Friday – one call.
    * Claxton Police Department/Saturday — one call.
    * Claxton Police Department/Sunday — one call.
    * Portal Police Department/Saturday – one call.
    * Brooklet Police Department/Friday – one call.
    * Brooklet Police Department/Saturday – two calls.

911 Fire Reports
    Central 911 dispatchers issued the following calls Friday – Sunday:
    * Statesboro Fire Department/Friday – four calls.
    * Statesboro Fire Department/Saturday – one call.
    * Statesboro Fire Department/Sunday – eight calls.
    * Bulloch County Volunteer Firefighters/Friday – two calls.
    * Bulloch County Volunteer Firefighters/Saturday — two calls.
    * Bulloch County Volunteer Firefighters/Sunday – six calls.
    * Metter Fire Department/Saturday – one call.
    * Claxton Fire Department/Sunday – one call.
    * Hagan Fire Department/Sunday – one call.

911 EMS Reports
    Central 911 dispatchers issued the following calls Friday – Sunday:
    * Bulloch County EMS/Friday — five accident calls, two fire calls and seven medical calls.
    * Bulloch County EMS/Saturday – one accident call and 19 medical calls.
    * Bulloch County EMS/Sunday – one accident call, one fire call, one rescue call and 10 medical calls.
    * Candler County EMS/Friday — one accident call and 13 medical calls.
    * Candler County EMS/Saturday — three medical calls.
    * Candler County EMS/Sunday – four medical calls.
    * Evans County EMS/Friday — five medical calls.
    * Evans County EMS/Saturday – three medical calls.
    * Evans County EMS/Sunday – one accident call and eight medical calls.
    * Central 911 dispatchers also routed the following calls Friday: four calls to Bulloch County First Responders and one miscellaneous call.
    * Central 911 dispatchers also routed the following calls Saturday: five calls to Bulloch County First Responders, a call to the Bulloch County coroner, a call to the Candler County coroner, and four miscellaneous calls.
    * Central 911 dispatchers also routed the following calls Sunday: two calls to Bryan County 911, one call to Excelsior EMC, a call to Humane Enforcement, a call to the Bulloch County coroner and three calls to Bulloch County First Responders.

— compiled by Holli Deal Bragg