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Police report, 6/5/21
After receiving complaints of a man sitting on the side of the roadway in the area of 119 South and Highway 80, a man was arrested on an outstanding warrant and for new felony drug charges, including possession of methamphetamine.
police report

Note: Arrest and incident information, collected from various agencies, are public records available for review at the respective local law enforcement and public safety agencies. Not every arrest leads to a conviction. Guilt or innocence is determined by the court system.



➤ Bulloch County Sheriff’s Office

▲ David Lane Martin, 40, Akins Circle Extension, Brooklet — Burglary second degree/felony, two charges elder abuse/exploit, inflict pain to deprive essential services, two charges disorderly conduct, criminal trespass.

▲ Chalentis Octavius Wilson, 24, Walnut St. — Possession of a firearm by a convicted felon or first offender.

➤ Statesboro Police Department

▲ Perry Cooper, 56, Sandy Way — Two charges aggravated assault, possession of firearm by convicted felon or first offender, stalking, obstruction of law enforcement officers/misdemeanor, loitering or prowling.

▲ Samantha Hope Peterson, 45, Spence Drive, Brooklet — Possession of heroin, possession of marijuana less than 1 oz., possession of Schedule III controlled substance, possession of Schedule IV controlled substance, possession and use of drug-related objects.

▲ Aron Duane Tant, Worthington Road, Kingston — DUI less safe alcohol, headlight requirements, driving while license suspended or revoked/misdemeanor.

▲ Donald Williams, 65, South College St. — Simple battery/family violence, cruelty to children third degree/allow child to witness forcible felony/battery/family violence.


➤ Bulloch County Sheriff’s Office

▲ HIGHWAY 67/JOSH DEAL ROAD — A black Lincoln sedan was clocked traveling at 90 miles per hour at the intersection of Highway 67 and Josh Deal Road. Upon catching up with the offender about five miles later on Bragan Road and 67, the driver said he was speeding because he was late for an appointment in Savannah. He requested an accuracy check for the radar equipment, which checked out. The driver was issued a citation for driving 90 mph in a 55 mph zone.

▲ HIGHWAY 119 SOUTH — After receiving complaints of a man sitting on the side of  the roadway in the area of 119 South and Highway 80, a man was arrested on an outstanding warrant and for new felony drug charges, including  possession of methamphetamine.

▲ PONDEROSA ROAD — Complainant said she has power of attorney over her father’s estate and her sister has forged his signature fraudulently for credit purposes. She said her sister forged his signature on an auto loan that caused her father’s credit to be run through eight lenders, damaging his credit. Case remains under investigation.

▲ ALLISON LANE — Complainant said he received a call that some type of legal documents were going to delivered to his wife. The person on the phone asked about an address and the last four numbers of her Social Security number, which were both incorrect.

▲ CHAPEL ROAD — Complainant said that two months earlier she had added a man as a friend on her Facebook account. She said they began a romantic conversation and he told her he was a four-star general serving in Afghanistan and that he had tragically lost his wife and child. He then asked her if she could purchase three $300 Steam gift cards because he did not have any access to cash. Complainant then said she realized it was a possible scam.

▲ ANDERSON ROAD — Complainant said a high school friend texted her “crazy things” that made her feel uncomfortable. She was advised to block the woman and to report any further calls.

▲ SANDY CREEK FARMS — Complainant said brother’s driver side window was broken out while he was at work. He said he noticed his brother’s girlfriend driving away, but didn’t think she broke the window.

▲ KELLY ROAD — Complainant said ever since her daughter’s boyfriend moved in a few months earlier, there has been a lot of damage to the house. Deputy observed many items broken inside the house, including damaged doors, countertops, holes in walls and broken glass. Upon contacting the boyfriend, he said the only damage he did was breaking a window by throwing a chair through it when he thought his girlfriend was cheating on him. He denied doing or knowing about other damage.

▲ BURKHALTER ROAD — Complainant said she received a text from an unknown person threatening to find her and rape her and that she was being watched. Deputy called the number and man said he did not send any threatening text. Complainant sad she did not think it was him. 

▲ JO DAN ROAD — Complainant said his silver Taurus 357 revolver was stolen from his truck. He said he owned the firearm for four years, but could not provide a serial number for the gun. It was explained to him the firearm could not be entered into the GCIC system as stolen without a serial number. He said he just wanted to document the theft.

▲ HIGHWAY 80 WEST — Arriving at a domestic dispute between multiple parties an arrest was made for public drunkenness.

➤ Bulloch County Animal Services

(May 24-30)

▲ Rural county intake — Nine adult dogs, seven puppies, four adult cats, eight kittens.

▲ City of Statesboro — Two adult dogs, one puppy, one kitten.

▲ Adopted — Six adult dogs, one puppy, one adult cat, nine kittens.

▲ Rescued — 1 adult dog, three puppies.

▲ Reclaimed — Five adult dogs

▲ Euthanized — One adult cat (severe injuries).

▲ Fees collected — $375.

Bulloch 911 Reports 

➤ Law Enforcement Agencies

▲ Brooklet Police Department — One call Wednesday.

▲ Bulloch County Sheriff’s Office — 22 calls Wednesday; 27 calls Thursday. 

▲ Candler County Sheriff’s Office — 10 calls Wednesday; six calls Thursday. 

▲ Claxton Police Department — Three calls Wednesday; two calls Thursday. 

▲ Evans County Sheriff’s Office — Three calls Wednesday; six calls Thursday. 

▲ Georgia State Patrol Post 45 — Seven calls Wednesday; 13 calls Thursday.

▲ Georgia Southern Police Department — One call Wednesday.

▲ Metter Police Department — Four calls Wednesday; four calls Thursday.

▲ Statesboro Police Department — 17 calls Wednesday; 32 calls Thursday. 

➤ Fire Departments

▲ Bullloch County Fire Department — Four calls Wednesday; nine calls Thursday.

▲ Evans County Fire Department — One call Wednesday; one call Thursday.

▲ Metter Fire Department — Three calls Wednesday.

▲ Statesboro Fire Department — Three calls Wednesday; six calls Thursday.


➤ Emergency Medical Services

▲ Bulloch County EMS — One accident call, and 26 medical calls Wednesday; seven accident calls, one first-responder call, one rescue call and 17 medical calls Thursday. 

▲ Candler County EMS — One fire call and three medical calls Wednesday; one accident call and six medical calls Thursday. 

▲ Evans County EMS — Seven medical calls Wednesday; three accident calls and seven medical calls. 


➤ Other Agencies 

▲ 911 hang-ups — 52 calls Wednesday; 44 calls Thursday.

▲ Bulloch County Animal Control — One call Wednesday.

▲ Air Transport — One call Wednesday; two calls Thursday.

▲ Effingham County 911 — One call Wednesday.

▲ Emanuel County 911 — Two calls Wednesday

▲ Other agencies — Four calls Thursday.

— compiled by Jim Healy