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Police report, 5/13/21
Complainant said all of the mailboxes on the road had been hit by an unknown vehicle. In all, 11 mailboxes were damaged.
police report

Note: Arrest and incident information, collected from various agencies, are public records available for review at the respective local law enforcement and public safety agencies. Not every arrest leads to a conviction. Guilt or innocence is determined by the court system.



➤ Bulloch County Sheriff’s Office

▲ Hailey Lynn Potter, 22, Swint Road, Harlem — Possession of marijuana less than 1 oz.

➤ Statesboro Police Department

▲ Charles Sheldon Cowart, 20, Statesboro Place — Purchase, possession, manufacture, distribution or sale of marijuana, use of communications facility in commission of a felony involving controlled substances.

▲ Arlisa Elizabeth Murphy, 39, Jill St., Metter — Driving while license suspended or revoked.

▲ Joshua Tiwan Smith, 35, President Circle — Criminal Trespass.

➤ Georgia State Patrol Post 45

▲ Lemarr Hunter, 40, East 35 St., Savannah — Driver to exercise due care, possession of marijuana less than 1 oz., open container of alcohol in motor vehicle, obstruction of law enforcement officers/misdemeanor, DUI less safe/combination of 1-3, failure to maintain lane.


➤ Bulloch County Sheriff’s Office

▲ PALOMINO PATH — Complainant said she called due to an ungovernable child. She said the child was being unruly and disrespectful, because her time was limited on the computer for behavior issues. Complainant said the child shoved her when she blocked her way to the computer. The child said she was upset she was denied access to the computer and wi-fi, but she said she did not push the complainant. The child was told the access to the computer was being denied as a consequence of her behavior. The juvenile was charged with ungovernable child.

▲ HIGHWAY 301 SOUTH — Complainant said a customer paid $5 for gas driving a white Nissan Altima. She said she had a technical issue and programmed the pump for $25 instead. She said the driver pumped $25 of gas and drove off. An officer with the Metter Police Department was able to stop the vehicle inside Candler County. The driver said he paid for the amount of gas he wanted. He said he didn’t know the pump gave him more gas than he paid for because they cut off when gas is prepaid. No one was charged in the incident.

▲ A NATURE WAY — Complainant said she virtually met a man in California approximately two years ago. Through conversations, she said the man told her he wanted to give her $6,000 as a gift. She accepted and the money was aired to her bank account. She said she gave him back $500 a short time later. She said the two did not have any further contact until recently when he contacted her and demanded she repay him the rest of the money. He told her if she didn’t, he would send the FBI to her house to collect it. Complainant was advised it was a civil matter.

▲ JONES MILL ROAD — Complainant said a man has contacted her several times and made threats via telephone. She said the man was angry with her over their living arrangements previously. In speaking with the man, he said he believes she took the money he gave her to pay rent and pocketed it. He said he was trying to get her to confess. He was advised to go to Magistrate Court and stop calling her.

▲ EAST MAIN STREET — While deputy was present at a store, a woman committed the offense of shoplifting. The manager requested assistance and the offender fled from the store. She was captured a short time later and arrested. While waiting for a transport, the suspect fled again and was captured again.

▲ TRIPLE T ROAD — Complainant said a woman who was in a relationship with her son had lived with them until the relationship ended two weeks ago. She said she loaned the woman a phone and the complainant believes the woman hacked into her Facebook account. She said the woman had sent her a photo of a casket captioned with “I’m going to put you in this.” Complainant said the woman has called her and told her, “I’m going to be the death of you.” The complainant did not have any contact information for the woman and no contact has been made with her.

▲ OLD HAPPY LANE — Complainant said all of the mailboxes on the road had been hit by an unknown vehicle. In all, 11 mailboxes were damaged. Complainant wanted a report done in case someone in the neighborhood saw a vehicle with damage on the passenger side.

▲ EVERGREEN DRIVE — Complainant said that some time during the night two of his vehicles on his property were entered into. Items stolen from the 2012 Infinity were a Smith and Wesson .40 caliber hand gun and a small back pack that contained a driver’s license, Social Security card, credit and debit cards and other items. A LCP .380 Ruger hand gun was stolen from the complainant’s 2012 KIA Sorento. 

▲ BEDFORD STREET — Complainant said she received a call from someone claiming to be with the Social Security Administration. The complainant was told her identity was used in Texas involving illegal drugs and would now need a new Social Security number. The person on the phone then told the complainant to purchase $750 in gift cards and provide him with the information on the cards as payment to clear her name. She purchased the gift cards and gave the man the information. Complainant said the caller knew the last four digits of her Social Security number and other personal information, so she believed it was a legitimate phone call. She later realized she was the victim of a scam.

▲ MOBLEY DRIVE — Complainant said she was leaving for work and noticed her purse was missing from her car. She said she had left it in her unlocked vehicle. When the deputy was working another case, she found a purse on the ground, which contained the complainant’s identification. She returned the purse to the complainant.

▲ SURREY LANE — Following a call from the Statesboro Police Department with a report of a vehicle stuck in a ditch, it was determined by the tag the vehicle had been stolen out of Barnwell, S.C., on April 29. K-9 unites were called out in case the offender or offenders were still in the area, but was soon called off after it was determined they were not.


▲ Brooklet Police Department — Two calls Monday.

▲ Bulloch County Sheriff’s Office — 24 calls Monday.

▲ Candler County Sheriff’s Office — One call Monday.

▲ Claxton Police Department — Seven calls Monday.

▲ Evans County Sheriff’s Office — Seven calls Monday.

▲ Georgia State Patrol Post 45 — Two calls Monday.

▲ Metter Police Department — Five calls Monday.

▲ Statesboro Police Department — 40 calls Monday.


➤ Fire Departments 

▲ Bulloch County Fire Department — Three calls Monday.

▲ Statesboro Fire Department — One call Monday.

▲ Claxton Fire Department — One call Monday.

▲ Metter Fire Department — One call Monday.

▲ Georgia Forestry Bulloch — One call Monday.

➤ Emergency Medical Service 

▲ Bulloch County EMS — Two accident calls and 28 medical calls Monday.

▲ Candler County EMS — Seven medical calls Monday.

▲ Evans County EMS — One accident call and 10 medical calls Monday.


➤ Other Agencies 

▲ 911 hang-ups — 46 calls Monday.

▲ Bulloch County Correctional Institute — One call Monday

▲ Other agencies — Eight calls Monday.

— compiled by Jim Healy