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Police report, 3/11/21
Complainant said she returned from out of town to her home, she discovered her 1-year-old pit bull puppy was missing. She said the dog, described as being black and white, was chained in her back yard.
police report

Note: Arrest and incident information, collected from various agencies, are public records available for review at the respective local law enforcement and public safety agencies. Not every arrest leads to a conviction. Guilt or innocence is determined by the court system.



➤ Bulloch County Sheriff’s Office

▲ Amberlyn Nicole Hooes, 34, Lanier Drive — Possession of methamphetamine, Possession and use of drug-related objects.

▲ Justin Allen Brannen, 41, John D. Lanier Road, Portal — Possession of methamphetamine, obstruction of law enforcement officers/misdemeanor.

▲ James Junoir McMillan, 64, Buie Circle, Portal — Battery/family violence first offense.

➤ Statesboro Police Department

▲ Shem Ken Paul, 42, Packinghouse Road — Battery against a female who is pregnant, cruelty to children/third-degree allow child to witness forcible felony/battery/family violence, criminal trespass, criminal trespass/family violence.

▲ Trevor Riley Raburn, 23, Highway 301 South, Register — Three charges giving a false name, birth date or address to a law enforcement officer.

➤ Georgia State Patrol Post 45

▲ Jamal Delorean Hall, 31, Northwest 56 Ave., Lauderhill, Fla. — Driving while license suspended or revoked /misdemeanor, speeding in excess of maximum limits, possession of marijuana less than 1 oz.

➤ Brooklet Police Department

▲ Virgil D. Bedenbaugh, 64, Statesboro — Fleeing or attempting to elude a police officer, theft by receiving stolen property felony, aggravated assault against a police officer.


➤ Bulloch County Sheriff’s Office

▲ OLD RIVER ROAD NORTH — Complainant said burglary occurred at the business he works for. He said the incident occurred sometime between Feb. 3 and March 5. There were no signs of forced entry and all gates and doors were locked. Complainant said he questioned all of his employees.

▲ HAWKSRIDGE SUBDIVISION — Complainant said as treasurer for the subdivision’s homeowner’s association, he noticed on the group’s bank statements, there were fraudulent charges from September 2020 to March 2021. The charges were listed as Citibank withdrawals totaling $1,420. Complainant said he does not know who gained access to the account or who would have made the false charges.

▲ JESSICA LANE — Complainant said her former boyfriend whom she has two children with is harassing her with phone calls. She said she recently filed for child support payments and when he found out, he started calling her and threatened to take her car. She filed a report in case he actually came onto her property to take the car.  

▲ OAK HILL — Complainant said that multiple people witnessed someone staying in the residence. He said when he went to the residence a couple days ago there was a mattress in the living room floor and there was trash on the counters. Complainant showed deputy where he had put screws in the doors and windows, but there was no sign of forced entry into the residence. Deputy went to another nearby residence because that's where complainant said people were coming from to stay in his residence but there was no answer.

▲ PRETORIA RUSHING ROAD — Complainant said her ex-boyfriend has been harassing her and her co-workers. She said they had been dating approximately five months when she broke off the relationship. She said he started texting some of her friends.  She said he went to her aunt`s house in Daytona Beach and somehow had the gate code to the complex where her aunt lives and he knocked on the door. He asked if he could introduce his parents to the aunt. He told her he stopped by because they were in town watching the races. She said he has since approached her in the parking lot of a tanning salon and texted some of her friends asking why she broke up with him.

▲ MARIA SORRELL ROAD — Complainant said her husband leaves their residence for days at a time without telling her and then returns. She said she is thinking about getting a divorce. She said in January he got into her safe and took some jewelry. She said she confronted him and he told her he pawned it. She said she was able to retrieve some of it at a cost of $3,000. She said she also discovered some of her gold chains had been replaced with silver chains and that she was missing a 9mm pistol. She was advised of remedies and due to them being married, the property is legally considered mutually owned.

▲ BRUCE GROOVER ROAD — Complainant said he received a call from someone who said they worked for the Social Security Administration. He said he was advised that his Social Security number had been compromised and that he was being associated with drugs and money laundering in El Paso, TX. The complainant said he did verify his Social Security number with the caller before realizing the call was a scam. The complainant was advised to put a freeze on his credit and monitor his personal information.

▲ MOORE ROAD — Complainant said she returned from out of town to her home, she discovered her 1-year-old pit bull puppy was missing. She said the dog, described as being black and white, was chained in her back yard.

▲ FOSTER ROAD — Complainant said he had gotten into a verbal altercation with his nephew because he let the dogs out of his house and he cursed the complainant when he asked him why he did it. He said he did not want his nephew at his house anymore and wanted him served with a criminal trespass. After learning the nephew was a residence of the house, I explained to the complainant that I could not legally make him leave. The nephew said he would voluntarily leave if complainant returned some of his rent money. Complainant gave the nephew $450 and I served him with a criminal trespass. The nephew packed his belongings and left the residence.

▲ HAMPSTEAD AVENUE — Complainant said he went outside to check on his dogs to make sure they were in their kennels, he noticed one of his American Pitbull Terriers was missing. He said the bolt and the lock to the fence were both broken off. He said he had an alarm system that is motioned censored, but the part of the yard where the dog was taken from was not covered. He said the dog was a breeding champion and valued at $4,000.


▲ Brooklet Police Department — One call Monday; one call Tuesday.

▲ Bulloch County Sheriff’s Office — 19 calls Monday; 30 calls Tuesday.

▲ Candler County Sheriff’s Office — Four calls Monday; seven calls Tuesday.

▲ Claxton Police Department — One call Monday; one call Tuesday.

▲ Evans County Sheriff’s Office — Four calls Monday; six calls Tuesday.

▲ Georgia State Patrol Post 45 — Six calls Monday; two calls Tuesday.

▲ Georgia Southern University Police — Five calls Monday.

▲ Metter Police Department — One call Monday.

▲ Portal Police Department — One call Monday.

▲ Statesboro Police Department — 38 calls Monday; 23 calls Tuesday.


➤ Fire Departments 

▲ Bulloch County Fire Department — Three calls Monday; three calls Tuesday.

▲ Metter Fire Department — One call Monday; four calls Tuesday.

▲ Statesboro Fire Department — Three calls Monday; four calls Tuesday.

➤ Emergency Medical Services 

▲ Bulloch County EMS — 27 medical calls Monday; one accident call, one coroner call, one first-responder call and 24 medical calls Tuesday.

▲ Candler County EMS — Three medical calls Monday; six medical calls Tuesday.

▲ Evans County EMS — Five medical calls Monday; three medical calls Tuesday.


➤ Other Agencies 

▲ 911 hang-ups — 40 calls Monday; 49 calls Tuesday.

▲ Bulloch County Animal Services — One call Tuesday. 

▲ Bryan County 911 — Two calls Tuesday

▲ Other counties or agencies — Five calls Monday.

— compiled by Jim Healy