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Police Report - 2-12-14; An iPod and headphones were stolen from a pickup truck.
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    Note: All information included in this report is taken from law enforcement incident reports and arrest records, which are public records and available for review at any and all local law enforcement agencies. Not every arrest leads to a conviction. Guilt or innocence is determined by the court system. Arrest photos are available for viewing at

Statesboro Police Department
    Natasha Lachita Smith, 36, Paul Street, Portal — endangering security interest.
    Leon Hagins Jr., 40, Institute Street — wanted person.
    Darryl Antonio Rivers Jr., age and address unavailable — theft by receiving stolen property (misdemeanor).
    Timothy Towns DeAngelo, age and address unavailable — theft by receiving stolen property (misdemeanor, four counts), theft by receiving stolen property (felony).
    Jeremiah Dontavius Key, age and address unavailable — possession of marijuana (less than 1 ounce), tampering with evidence, possession of a dangerous drug, open container, possession and use of a drug-related object, failure to maintain lane.
    Ciara Camille Reese, age and address unavailable — possession of marijuana (less than 1 ounce), open container.

    INSTITUTE STREET — A woman told police she stepped out briefly from her house and, when she returned, a man jumped the porch railing and forced himself into her residence. The man demanded money, and the woman gave him what she had. As he was leaving, the man threatened to hurt her.
    FAST AND EASY — Police responded to a theft complaint where they were told that two men took food from the store without paying for it. When the clerk confronted the two men, they left the food in the parking lot and left the scene.
    DENMARK STREET — Police stopped a car for a defective tag light and found the driver had less than an ounce of marijuana in his car. The driver was arrested.
    RUM RUNNERS — A woman told police she gave her credit card to a server to start a tab. When she tried to pay the tab, the employee could not find the woman’s credit card.
    PACKINGHOUSE ROAD — Police responded to a domestic disturbance and, when investigating that incident, found that the woman who answered the door when they arrived was wanted in Chatham County.
    EAGLE COURT APARTMENTS — Police responded to a domestic disturbance call and, when they arrived on the scene, a woman told police her live-in boyfriend struck her and threw her down. The boyfriend was not at the apartment when police arrived. Police found the boyfriend later and arrested him.
    WALMART — A man tried to leave the store with several items he did not pay for. Police found the man and arrested him after watching surveillance tapes.
    In a separate incident, a woman told police her purse was stolen from her shopping cart while she was shopping in the grocery section.
And in another incident, two men were arrested when police found them trying to leave the parking lot with items they had taken from the store. Police also arrested the men for huffing canned air duster.
    FRED’S — A man attempted to steal property from the store but left it behind when confronted by an employee.
    DOLLAR GENERAL — A woman told police that while she was shopping, a person damaged the front fender of her vehicle.
    ASPEN HEIGHTS — Police responded to a noise complaint and found several people in the pool area of the apartment complex. When they told them to turn down their music, one of the men urinated on the grass facing the parking lot. The man was arrested.
    POPLAR STREET — Police met with parole officers at the scene who were there to conduct a home visit of a parolee. The parolee signed a waiver for police to search his residence. Once inside, police found a firearm and drug-related objects including plastic baggies and a scale. Police also found prescription bottles with suspected rug contraband. The suspect was not home at the time of the search.
    UNIVERSITY PLAZA — A man was seen punching the taillight of woman’s car.
    STATESBORO HIGH SCHOOL — A student told police that his car was broken into while he was at a soccer game. A pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses were stolen.
    THE LODGE OF STATESBORO — Police responded to a possible marijuana odor. They found a woman wanted for a probation violation. She was arrested at the scene.
    GNAT’S LANDING — A man was stopped for speeding and subsequently arrested after police found he had two outstanding warrants for deposit account fraud.
    MEDICAL CENTER PHARMACY — A man told police he left his wallet on the seat of his car when he went into the pharmacy. When he returned, the wallet was gone.
    GATA’S — A woman told police she met a man who agreed to sell her a cellphone for $250. The suspect took the money and, after repeated calls to him, has not given her the cellphone or returned her money.
    GROOVER HOMES — A school bus driver told police there was a fight at the entrance to the homes. Police saw two girls fighting and turned them over to their mothers.
    ST. CHARLES PLACE APARTMENTS — While assisting the Bulloch County Department of Family and Children Services, police found a woman was wanted for deposit account fraud. The woman was arrested on the scene.
    GENTILLY DRIVE — A woman told police several items were stolen from her house and backyard. Suspects were later found and arrested. 
    TRANSITIONS LEARNING CENTER — A student was arrested for failure to appear in court.
    HARVEY’S SUPERMARKET — Police responded to a complaint of a man sleeping on the fertilizer outside the store. The man had been previously served with a criminal trespass notice on the same property. The man was arrested at the scene.
    PEG-WEN BOULEVARD — A couple received a letter saying they won $1 million and they could claim their prize by sending $20 to the address on an envelope. They sent the money and received only more letters. When they realized it was a fraud, they wanted to notify the public.
    ROBIN HOOD TRAIL — A 20-inch pearl cut sapphire and diamond necklace in white gold, valued at $125, was reported stolen from a kitchen counter. A woman reported that several people had been in the house between the time she last saw it and when it went missing.
    EAGLE HEALTH AND REHABILITATION — A man said someone took $40 from his wallet.
    WEST MAIN STREET/MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. DRIVE — Police stopped an SUV for a defective headlight shortly after 11 p.m. Monday. A check of the driver’s license revealed it was suspended, and that she had an active arrest warrant charging her with endangering security interest. She was arrested.
    EAST MAIN STREET — Officers responded in reference to a possible prowler shortly after 1 a.m. Tuesday. Officers found a man hiding in the bushes by a residence. A background check revealed he had two active arrest warrants charging him with child support violation and probation violation. He was arrested.

    Donald Victor Parrish, 31, Railroad Street, Brooklet — battery (family violence), criminal trespass, public drunkenness.
    Brandon Dalton Martin, 20, Barney Avenue, Millen — possession of alcohol by underage persons.
    Earl Mathis Conyers, 22, Knight Drive — felony murder, first-degree burglary, armed robbery, aggravated assault with intent to commit murder, aggravated assault, possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, theft by taking-firearm.
    Charles Edward Wright, 48, Suncrest Drive, Portal — probation violation.
    Tekoya Sanchez Shuemake, 31, Hidden Hills — battery (family violence), third-degree cruelty to children.
    Jameson Dion Price, age and address unavailable — probation violation.
    Shannon Nichole Locklear, 25, West Rushing Road, Register — use or possession of a drug-related object.
    Victoria Mikell, 25, East Main Street — obstruction of an officer.

    PERSIMMON PATH — Two men reported the following items stolen from their home: a 42-inch flat-screen Vizio television, a 32-inch flat-screen LG television, a .22-caliber camouflage stock Remington 597 rifle, an Xbox 360, a video game and a cooler.
    RAINDROP DRIVE — An iPod and headphones were stolen from a pickup truck. The victim was unsure whether the truck was locked.
    24/7 ONE CALL BAIL BONDS — An employee reported that a man did not show for a court calendar call Feb. 3, and he believes the man is now living in Alaska. A bench warrant was issued.
    GEORGIA HIGHWAY 46 — A woman told deputies that a man came to a residence drunk and started beating on the windows, damaging one of them. The two ended up in a physical altercation, which left visible injuries on the woman. A Statesboro police officer found the man hiding on the roof and brought him to the front of the residence. The man smelled of alcohol and was arrested. Once in the patrol car, the man became very belligerent.
    H’S FOOD MART — Shortly before 3 a.m. Saturday, a deputy conducting a business check saw a pickup truck parked in the lot but not in a space, and the store was closed. The man inside smelled of alcohol and said he was waiting on a friend from Millen to pick him up because he had been drinking. He submitted to a breath test, which registered 0.054 percent blood alcohol content. He was arrested and charged with possession of alcohol by underage persons.
    REBEKAH ROAD — A man reported that a .380-caliber Smith & Wesson Bodyguard firearm and a pair of Costa del Mar sunglasses were stolen from his locked pickup truck.
    STARLING ROAD — (Pembroke) At 12:19 a.m. Sunday, deputies responded to a residence. A woman said her three juvenile boys were missing. They were at a friend’s house and were supposed to be home before dark. Deputies found the boys in a camper behind a nearby residence, without the homeowner’s knowledge. Two of the juveniles were arrested and charged with unruly juvenile, then released to their mother.
    PALOMINO PATH — A man reported a .22-caliber revolver firearm stolen from the glove compartment of his pickup truck.
    ANDERSON ROAD — A man reported that someone obtained his Social Security number and used it to file a fraudulent tax return through Turbo Tax.
    KENNEDY BRIDGE ROAD/GEORGIA HIGHWAY 46 — (Register) Deputies stopped a vehicle that had an expired registration. A K-9 deputy alerted on the passenger side of the truck. A passenger said she had a marijuana pipe and showed it to officers. She was arrested.
    EAST MAIN STREET/VETERANS MEMORIAL PARKWAY — Deputies stopped a vehicle that a background check revealed was not insured and had an expired tag. The driver and her brother became angry when a tow truck arrived. The driver refused at least two orders by deputies to stay back while they were talking with her brother and the tow truck operator. She was arrested.
    ANDREWS COURT — Deputies responded shortly after 11 p.m. Monday in reference to gunshots. A man said he heard two gunshots when he was inside his home, then saw a full-size truck leave the area as he came out. The streetlight at the corner of his yard had been shot. A piece of a shotgun shell was found in the yard.

    Damien Raphael Cooper, age and address unavailable — open container, disobeying traffic control device, driving with a suspended or revoked license (second offense), DUI (refused test).
    Jana Michelle Shaw, age and address unavailable — driving with a suspended or revoked license, seat belt violation.
    Gene Aurthor Hagan, age and address unavailable — failure to maintain lane, driving on the wrong side of the road, DUI.
    Wayne Robert Miller, age and address unavailable — DUI.
    Eboni Rashida Rocke, age and address unavailable — driving with a suspended or revoked license, speeding.

    Information unavailable Tuesday.

    Matison Michelle Stevens, 18, Duluth, Ga. — false report of a crime, false statements and writings.
    Martel Jaquez Peoples, 21, Fort Stewart — failing to leave a public school or campus when directed.
    Sara Ann Winklepeck, 24, Landings Parkway — DUI.
    Kwiana Armante Powell, 18, Chandler Road — DUI (under 21 years of age).
    Nadine Nana Ossei, 18, Chandler Road — attempting to purchase alcohol (under 21 years of age).

    Officers issued 17 traffic citations and 16 traffic warnings, and assisted 10 motorists, Friday through Monday.
    RUSSELL UNION — Criminal Investigations opened a case on a financial transaction card fraud. A woman reported that her daughter, a student, was the victim of a flimflam involving her financial transaction card.
    B-LOT — An incident report was taken for entering auto, and the case was assigned to Criminal Investigations.
    LOT 32 — An incident report was taken for entering auto, and the case was assigned to Criminal Investigations.
    RECREATION ACTIVITY CENTER — Officers responded to an affray. Two subjects were judicially referred to university officials for punishment.
    FREEDOM’S LANDING — Officers responded to the clubhouse at 11:35 p.m. Friday. A man in the parking lot flagged down responding officers and reported that someone aimed a green laser into his line of sight. A man could be seen looking out the window at officers, acting suspiciously. Officers went inside and met three men playing a game of pool. When police viewed surveillance video from the clubhouse, they saw that one of the men pointed the laser at three men in the parking lot. That man then admitted to shining the laser and told officers he had put it in an artificial plant in the room. This man was judicially referred, and all three were asked to leave the clubhouse for the night.
    J-LOT — Officers discovered a drunken man. He was arrested and charged with failure to leave campus.
    SOUTHERN PINES — Officers responded to a drug complaint. Two occupants of a unit were judicially referred.
    EAGLE VILLAGE — Officers responded in reference to a sexual assault, and the case was assigned to Criminal Investigations.
In a separate incident, officers responded to a request for assistance by Statesboro police in an apartment. Officers found a man passed out in a bed. Witnesses say the man was in a fight the night before in the Pines parking lot, where he was “sucker punched” in the face by another man. The man fell after being hit and struck his head on the concrete. Witnesses said he never fully regained consciousness. GSU police said the victim had also urinated and vomited on himself. EMS was called, and the victim was transported to East Georgia Regional Medical Center, then later taken to Memorial University Medical Center in Savannah because of brain swelling and hemorrhaging.
    KAPPA SIGMA — Officers responded Nov. 3 in reference to a reported sexual assault. At the time, a woman reported that while at the fraternity, she was the victim of a strong-arm rape, sexual battery and false imprisonment (family violence). On Friday, after an investigation, officers arrested the woman and charged her with false statement and writing and false report of a crime.

Law Enforcement Reports
    Central 911 dispatchers issued the following calls Monday:
    Bulloch County Sheriff’s Department — 12 calls.
    Candler County Sheriff’s Department — seven calls.
    Evans County Sheriff’s Department — six calls.
    Georgia State Patrol — three calls.
    Metter Police Department — three calls.
    Statesboro Police Department — 20 calls.

Fire Department Reports
    Central 911 dispatchers issued the following calls Monday:
    Bulloch County Volunteer Firefighters — four calls.
    Metter Fire Department — four calls.

Emergency Medical Service Reports
    Central 911 dispatchers issued the following calls Monday:
    Bulloch County EMS — 13 medical calls.
    Candler County EMS — two accident calls, one first-responder call and four medical calls.
    Evans County EMS — seven medical calls.

Other Agencies
    Central 911 dispatchers issued the following calls Monday:
    911 hang-ups — 37 calls.
    Bulloch County Animal Control — one call.
    Emanuel County 911 — one call.

— compiled by Jason Wermers and Ann Healy