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Police report, 1/6/21
A complainant reported that unknown persons threw rocks from the railroad tracks at the windows of three of his unoccupied mobile homes. The complainant requested the incident be documented.
police report

Note: Arrest and incident information, collected from various agencies, are public records available for review at the respective local law enforcement and public safety agencies. Not every arrest leads to a conviction. Guilt or innocence is determined by the court system.




➤ Bulloch County Sheriff’s Office

▲ David Jeremiah Bailey, 19, Ross Stapleton Road, Eastman — furnishing, purchasing, and possession of alcoholic beverages by persons below legal age.

▲ Amanda Leigh Brannen, 41, Cleary Lane, Brooklet — sentenced to 30 days.

▲ Clinton Reagor Brannen, 28, Teresa Drive — two counts of obstruction of law enforcement officers/felony, possession of schedule II controlled substance, two counts of terroristic threats and acts, disorderly conduct, criminal trespass.

▲ Shawn Eon Cribbs, 38, W. 2nd Street, Vidalia — probation violation for fingerprintable charge/felony.

▲ Andrew Jase Fowler, 19, Pine Lane, Eastman — furnishing, purchasing, and possession of alcoholic beverages by persons below legal age; loitering; prowling.

▲ Ashley Nichole Frongillo, 37, Chances Mobile Home Park — battery/family violence.

▲ Salvador Gambino, 42, East Main Street — battery/family violence.

▲ Jake Robert Jones, 19, Tom Porter Road, Cochran — furnishing, purchasing, and possession of alcoholic beverages by persons below legal age.

▲ Jason Harley Lanier, 47, Cliff Knight Road, Brooklet — battery/family violence.

▲ Christopher Quentin Martin, 33, Stuyversant Road, Savannah — to serve 9 days.

▲ Benjamin Franklin Pickett, 46, Jennie Station Road, Claxton — DUI/less safe/alcohol.

▲ Laquan Stevens Pridgeon, 18, West Jones Street — obstruction of law enforcement officers/misdemeanor.

▲ Mandarius Tyrez Wells, 23, Ga. Highway 297, Vidalia — driving on wrong side of roadway; possession/use of drug-related objects; purchase, possession, manufacture, distribution or sale of marijuana/felony; possession of firearm or knife during commission of/attempt to commit certain felonies; possession of schedule I or II controlled substances with intent.

▲ Shannon Renee Yarbrough, 45, Remington Place, Pooler — battery, criminal trespass/family violence.

▲ Heather Marie Bowen, 40, Broomstraw Trail, Ellabell — Burglary first degree - felony.

▲ Marc Anthony Padilla, 26, Miles Court, Princeton, Ill. – Obstruction of a law enforcement officer – misdemeanor.


➤ Statesboro Police Department

▲ Victor Uvell Banner, 30, Pamela Way — giving false name, address or birthdate to law enforcement officer; expired registration; driving while license suspended or revoked/misdemeanor; two cases of probation violation for fingerprintable charge/felony.

▲ Jerald Watson Barber, 55, Lanier Drive — simple battery/family violence.

▲ David Ray Bozeman, 34, Broad Street — criminal trespass.

▲ Rudy Carmona, 23, Institute Street — simple battery against police officer, law enforcement dog, corrections or detention officer; theft by shoplifting; bench warrant.

▲ Leroy Alex Davis, 41, Lanier Drive — two cases of stalking/misdemeanor.

▲ Kadarion Zaquavin Floyd, 25, West Grady Street — wanted person.

▲ Randy Lowery, 56, South Main Street — theft by shoplifting.

▲ Timothy Moore, 50, Atlanta — armed robbery, theft by taking/motor vehicle, kidnapping, rape, two counts of aggravated child molestation, aggravated sodomy, two counts of committing sodomy with force and against will of person less than 10 years old, battery/family violence.

▲ Romin Brijesh Patel, 19, Chamblee Way, Warner Robins — DUI under the age of 21, headlights violation.

▲ Amos Reed, 27, Garfield Street — battery, possession of marijuana/less than 1 ounce.

▲ Angel Ernesto Rojas, 69, Valley Road — criminal trespass.

▲ Will Morris Smith, 46, Woodland Lane, Sylvania — probation violation of fingerprintable charge/felony.

▲ David Udell Stevens, 28, Old Register Road – Possession of Methamphetamine, Possession of Marijuana less than 1 oz.


➤ Georgia State Patrol Post 45

▲ Richard Clark Branch, 37, James Wilson Drive, Vidalia — DUI/less safe/drugs, failure to maintain lane.

▲ Brandy Lashalle Cauley, 23, NW 160th Street, Opalocka, Fla. — speeding, driving while license suspended or revoked/misdemeanor, no insurance, expired registration. 

▲ Octavious Deangelo Hagins, 32, Moore Road, Portal — speeding, fleeing or attempting to elude law officers, reckless driving, obstruction of law officer/misdemeanor.

▲ Joshua Rashad Parrish, 27, Creekside Lane, Claxton —  speeding; driving while license suspended or revoked/misdemeanor; unlawful manufacture, delivery, distribution, possession or sale of non-controlled substances.

▲ Bessie Mae Robinson, 72, East Lee Street, Brooklet — DUI/less safe/alcohol, failure to maintain lane.

▲ Lisa Donaldson Tucker, 55, Claudia Street, Portal — DUI/less safe/alcohol, open container, expired registration, no insurance.

▲ Collin Lee Merett, 28, Poplar Steet, Guyton — DUI/less safe/alcohol.

➤ Georgia Southern University Police Department

▲ Caitlyn Mary Meeks, 19, Rucker Lane — DUI/less safe/alcohol, failure to signal turn.


➤ Bulloch County Sheriff’s Office

▲ PULASKI ROAD – An employee with AT&T reported that a 6x20 roll of copper wire worth approximately $1,500 had been stolen from the AT&T cell tower location sometime in the past month.

▲ REBEKAH ROAD – A man said he let a friend use his cell phone to play music on a Bluetooth speaker. He said the next morning his cell phone and wallet were missing. He said there was a $500 charge on his debit card, which was in his wallet, along with $70 in cash. He said he was told the friend left shortly after borrowing his phone. The man said he contacted his friend who admitted taking his phone, but denied taking his wallet. The complainant was advised of the Magistrate process to obtain a warrant.

▲ GOLF CLUB ROAD – A man said he takes his car out every two weeks for a short drive to keep the battery charge. On a recent drive he said he noticed a hole in the left front bumper that looked like a bullet hole. He said wanted to file a report for insurance purposes.

▲ PECAN GROVE CIRCLE – A juvenile said he had a dispute with a man who claimed the juvenile stole a firearm from the man’s residence. In a later interview with the man, he said he told the juvenile if he returned the firearm, he would not press charges, but the juvenile said he did not take the firearm. The next morning the firearm was discovered on the ground of the property where the man lived. The man said he wanted to press criminal trespass charges against the juvenile.

▲ BLACK CREEK CHURCH ROAD – A complainant said that while he was working in his yard his neighbor walked outside and began yelling at him. The neighbor, who was uncooperative with deputies, said the complainant walked on his property and he did not want him on his property. The complainant said he did not walk onto his neighbor’s property.

▲ ALDERMAN ROAD – A man said he damage to his gates going onto his property. He said a vehicle appeared to pull up to the gate and intentionally ram the gate to get on to his property. He said the vehicle pulled on to his property and then pulled out. He said he did not recognize the vehicle.

▲ SHUMAN ROAD – A complainant reported that unknown persons threw rocks from the railroad tracks at the windows of three of his unoccupied mobile homes. The complainant requested the incident be documented.

▲ SAM BRANNEN ROAD – In response to complaints of an abandoned vehicle, a 1996 Toyota Tacoma was found parked in the roadway with the rear windows broken out. Through the tag and VIN number, the owner of the vehicle was found. He said the Tacoma broke down and he left it at the location. In his frustration, he said he broke the windows himself. The owner was unable to arrange for the vehicle to be removed in a timely manner, so it was impounded.

▲ RIGGS CIRCLE – A woman said that an unknown offender used her personal information to obtain unemployment benefits through the Georgia Department of Labor. The complainant said the offender hacked into her account and applied and received benefits for an address in Columbus, Ga. She said she does not know anyone in Columbus. The victim has contacted the Department of Labor and an internal investigation is under way.

▲ CYPRESS LAKE TRALIER PARK – A complainant said a woman and four of her children came to his residence and tried to fight his girlfriend. The complainant said he called 911 and got his firearm from his truck in case he needed it to protect his family. The woman said she got into a verbal confrontation on social media with the complainant’s girlfriend. After several messages and phone calls, the two agreed to meet in the middle of the street and fight. The girlfriend said when she showed up for the fight, the woman had several people with her so she returned to her residence. Both the girlfriend and the woman said there was an ongoing dispute between them and the fight was supposed to end the dispute. Both parties were advised of the consequences of getting into a physical confrontation.

▲ P.W. CLIFTON ROAD – Deputies responded to a residence in reference to a complaint that someone pulled up in their yard and fired a gun at a resident. Deputies were told the incident was the result of an ongoing civil matter between the alleged offender and the victim’s boyfriend. The offender was located and said he fired the gun into the ground, but not towards anybody. The offender was charged with reckless conduct and the firearm was taken as evidence.

▲ BROOMSTRAW TRACE – A man said he was asleep when his ex-girlfriend and her boyfriend came into his bedroom and started beating him in the head. The complainant said he let the man continue to hit him while his ex-girlfriend stood by the bed. The victim said after a few punches, the man and woman left, taking a number of the woman’s clothes with them. The victim called police and relayed what happened. Multiple small lacerations were visible on his face, but he said he did not want to press charges.

▲ GEORGE ROAD – The complainant said his brother came to his residence and took a DeWalt circular saw, a Makita grinder, Ryobi Sawall, work lights and a Bluetooth speaker without his permission. He said he spoke with his brother and allowed him 30 minutes to return the items. When he did not return, he called the Sheriff’s Office. The victim said he had video of his brother taking some of the items. He said he did not want to press charges at the time of the report and he was advised of the Magistrate Court process.



➤ Law Enforcement Agencies 

▲ Brooklet Police Department – Three calls Friday, calls Saturday, one call Monday. 

▲ Bulloch County Sheriff’s Office – 15 calls Thursday, 17 calls Friday, 18 calls Saturday, nine calls Sunday, 15 calls Monday. 

▲ Candler County Sheriff’s Office – Nine calls Thursday, five calls Friday, seven calls Saturday, five calls Sunday, one call Monday. 

▲ Claxton Police Department – Three calls Thursday, two calls Friday, two calls Saturday, three calls Sunday, one call Monday.

▲ Evans County Sheriff’s Office – Three calls Thursday, seven calls Friday, two calls Saturday, six calls Sunday, three calls Monday.

▲ Georgia State Patrol Post 45 – Five calls Thursday, two calls Friday, five calls Saturday, five calls Monday. 

▲ Georgia Southern Police – Two calls Saturday, one call Sunday, one call Monday.

▲ Metter Police Department – Two calls Thursday, eight calls Friday, eight calls Saturday, four calls Sunday, three calls Monday. 

▲ Portal Police Department – One call Friday, two calls Saturday.

▲ Statesboro Police Department – 28 calls Thursday, 33 calls Friday, 32 calls Saturday, 27 calls Sunday, 25 calls Monday.


➤ Fire Departments 

▲ Bulloch County Fire Department – Five calls Thursday, five calls Saturday, six calls Sunday, one calls Monday. 

▲ Evans County Fire Department – one call Friday, one call Saturday, one call Sunday, one call Monday.

▲ Metter Fire Department – One call Thursday, five calls Friday, two calls Saturday, one call Sunday. 

▲ Statesboro Fire Department – Four calls Thursday, two calls Saturday, four calls Sunday, three calls Monday. 

▲ Georgia Forestry Commission (Bulloch) – One call Sunday. 


➤ Emergency Medical Services 

▲ BULLOCH COUNTY EMS – 38 medical calls, three coroner calls and four first responder calls Thursday; 30 medical calls and one coroner call Friday; one accident call, one coroner call, one first responder call and 19 medical calls Saturday; one coroner call, one fire call and 18 medical calls Sunday; five accident calls, 22 medical calls and three first responder calls Monday.

▲ CANDLER COUNTY EMS – Seven medical calls Thursday; six medical calls and one first responder call Friday; one accident call and seven medical calls Saturday; nine medical calls Sunday; four medical calls Monday.

▲ EVANS COUNTY EMS – Four medical calls Thursday; seven medical calls Friday; five medical calls Saturday; one fire call, one first responder and six medical calls Sunday; one first responder and eight medical calls Monday.


➤ Other Agencies 

▲ 911 hang-ups – 38 calls Thursday; 60 calls Friday; 36 calls Saturday; 42 calls Sunday; 50 calls Monday.

▲ Air Evac – one call Thursday; one call Sunday.

▲ Bulloch County Humane Enforcement – One call Friday.

▲ Bryan County 911 – Three calls Friday; three calls Saturday; two calls Monday. 

▲ Emanuel County 911 – One call Friday; two calls Saturday; two calls Sunday.

▲ Screven County 911 – One call Monday. 

▲ Tattnall County 911 – One call Saturday; one call Sunday; two calls Monday.


— compiled by Jim Healy and Eddie Ledbetter