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October 1 - If you're not a low-income person, why would you be livin' in low-income housing? Why no
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If you're not a low-income person, why would you be livin' in low-income housing? Why not move out of it, someone else who deserves that housing move in?

Separation of church and state ... is a phrase that's not contained in the U.S. Constitution. It's from a letter that Thomas Jefferson wrote to ... Connecticut ... Baptists when they feared the government may get between them and the way they worshiped. ... Get your facts straight.

I just wanna say that the Portal Police Department does an outstanding job ... and they are more than just our police officers. They are our friends. And they have been there for our family and our times of needs ... and our times of need more than one time. ... I can go to either Bobby or Jason's home at any time ... and they would help me. So, everybody needs to back off. They do their job. Thank you very much, Bobby and Jason.

This is to the person in Soundoff on Friday ... talkin' about politicians actin' like 2 year-olds. Hate to say, buddy, but it's not the average American that's supportin' this country. They only pay a small portion of the federal income taxes when you look at the whole picture. It's the wealthy that's supportin' this country. It's 10 percent of the wealthiest people are payin' 70 percent of the taxes.

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