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Inside Bulloch Business - RANCO's new headquarters going 'West'
RANCO West District

Randy Childs and his team at RANCO will break ground on their new corporate office today, located in the West District at 87 South College Street.  

This is a big day for Childs and for the West District as it is the first outparcel building to be constructed in the West District project. Josh Whitfield and his partners acquired the old West Building Supply building and adjoining land with a vision to rebuild this forgotten part of downtown.  

The first phase of the project was to renovate a portion of the former West Building to serve as the new headquarters for Whitfield Signs. Now the developer’s goal is to create a campus, which includes multiple buildings that will be constructed to replicate historic downtown Statesboro.

RANCO’s new building will include two storefronts, each of which will be 2,000 square feet downstairs and four one-bedroom loft apartments upstairs.  One side of the building will house RANCO’s corporate office and the other side will be available for lease.

For Childs, this is so much more than building a new office. It marks a significate moment in his company’s history, which is currently being rebranded from RANCO Tents to RANCO Event Rentals.  

“Even though we began in the 80s as a tent company, we have evolved to provide so many more services than tents,” Childs said. “We feel it is time to rebrand our business to let customers know the breadth and depth of our business and what we can do to help make any event more incredible.”

Childs actually owns a group of businesses, many of which have spun off from the original RANCO Tent business. His main three divisions now are RANCO Event Rentals, which handles everything you need for a wedding, corporate event or festival. The second division is RANCO Response, which is his fastest growing division and focuses solely on disaster response throughout the United States. The third is RANCO Logistics, which handles keeping his equipment and fleet of vehicles ready to respond.  

Eagle Restrooms is the newest venture. He has collaborated with his wife Deidra and his sister Brownie Childs Bryant. They have offices in Statesboro and Orlando, Florida.  Eagle Restrooms provides executive restrooms for upscale events.

Randy began helping his brother Tommie in the tent business in the 80s. When they began, everything they owned was housed in one truck. They primarily set up tents for car dealerships, promoting tent sales.  

The company really began seeing growth when they began providing tents for furniture store chains Heilig-Meyers and Badcock. Randy purchased his brother’s share of the company a few years after joining the business and rapidly began expanding the company. Weddings and corporate events led the growth initially. As the demand grew, Child’s expanded the business opening locations in Savannah and Augusta. Until now, he was operating both of those locations under different names.

In 2005, when Hurricane Katrina slammed into the coast of Florida and Louisiana, there was a tremendous need for tents, generators, catering and a host of other items that RANCO owned.  Helping meet these needs, provided an opportunity for Childs and also provided the experience to meet the needs for future disasters. This opportunity created a tremendous shift in their business model. It is one that they are seeing the greatest need and potential for growth. 

“We are excited about RANCO’s rebranding and our investment in the West District,” Childs said. “Hopefully our investment will encourage others to discover why we agree it is an exciting time to reinvest in our downtown in the West District specifically.”

The public is invited, Tuesday at 11a.m., to the West District for the RANCO ground breaking.

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