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Four decades of serving residents
Rufus Mosley retiring after 44 years
City Sanitation worker Rufus Mosley fetches a trash receptacle to help out a handicapped customer. - photo by SCOTT BRYANT/staff

      The City of Statesboro and its Public Works department will honor one of its longest tenured employees with a drop-in retirement party Tuesday afternoon.
      Rufus Mosley has worked for the city for 44 years with most of that time devoted to the sanitation department. He was hired as a utilities meter reader when he started with the city back in 1966, but soon transferred to sanitation. Since then, he has been one of the most reliable workers in that area.
      Mike Clifton, sanitation superintendent for the city and Mosley’s boss, said having an employee that he can count on rain or shine makes his job a whole lot easier.
      “The main thing is we have routes we run and we have certain people on certain trucks. In Rufus’ case, I’ve had to fill-in very few times for him. He is just never out sick,” Clifton said. “He’s always at work, he’s dependable, and he’s just one you don’t have to worry about. And when you don’t have to worry about employees showing up, you know that that particular truck is going to run.”
      Currently, Mosley handles the handicap carts throughout the city, retrieving the containers from behind the houses of those customers who otherwise can’t, emptying them and returning them to a spot convenient for the home owner. Clifton said Mosley has walked nearly every road in the city, considering all the routes that he has covered over the years.
      “Everybody always kids him about it. (His coworkers say) if they had a penny for every mile he’s walked in town, they wouldn’t have to work anymore,” Clifton said.
      Mosley has given more than just years of unyielding dedication to the city. In the late ‘70s, he lost of the tip of his index finger in a trash compacter back when the city was utilizing rear-loader trucks and sanitation workers were still manually handling trash cans.
      “I passed the bag into the back of the truck – into the packer – and I caught my cuff,” Mosley said.
      After taking about six weeks to recover from the injury, Mosley was back working on the trucks.
      One indicator of Mosley’s dependability is that, aside from the time he took off to mend his finger, he has rarely missed days to due illness. In fact, Clifton said Mosley has more than 2,000 hours of accrued sick and vacation time built up, which will be incorporated into his retirement package.
      What does Mosley plan to do during his retirement?
      “Nothing. Nothing at all,” Mosley said, adding that he wanted to retire while he was still in good physical health. “Maybe I’ll do some exercise. The doctor said I have to.”
      Originally from Vidalia, Mosley moved to Statesboro when he was a teenager. He has a sister that lives in the city, and he is a member of First Baptist Church.
      Statesboro Mayor Joe Brannen presented a plaque highlighting Mosley’s years of “outstanding and dedicated service” at the start of the city council meeting Aug. 17. Brannen said Mosley’s long tenure with the city was just one reason he was happy to officially recognize his service to the community.
      “It’s rare these days to find anyone with 44 years of service, either inside the city or at any other business,” Brannen said. “Rufus is a loyal, highly dedicated and dependable employee who’s walked many a mile behind those trucks, and we thought he was very deserving of recognition.”
      The city will be holding a reception for Mosley Aug. 31, from 1 to 3 p.m., in the break room at the city’s Public Works Building on Braswell Street. City employees and the general public are invited to attend and wish Mosley well in his retirement.
      Phil Boyum may be reached at (912) 489-9454.

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