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Fort Stewart commander: Were going to war
Maj. Gen. James Rainey tells soldiers to be ready after Paris attacks
Maj Gen James Rainey Web
Maj. Gen. James Rainey

During annual Marne Week activities earlier this week on Fort Stewart in Hinesville, Maj. Gen. James Rainey, commander of the 3rd Infantry Division, spoke to his soldiers, advising they be ready for war after Friday's terrorist attacks in Paris.

Maj. Gen. Rainey did not issue statements like the elected officials', nor did he make any official pronouncements.

However, in his first public event since returning from Afghanistan with the last of the 3rd ID's headquarters soldiers last week, Rainey did touch on the current world situation. He did so while offering opening remarks to soldiers who have converged on Fort Stewart this week for Marne Week, which includes a series of sporting events, the Division Run and the Division Ball.

"I believe this is the best division in the Army, that you are the best soldiers in the Army," Rainey said. "And I believe that we're probably going to war sometime on our watch. In fact, I'm sure we're going to end up going to war on our watch.

"You all watch the news this weekend?" he said. "Most of you have served several times before. The world is full of really bad people. There's still only one country on the superpower list. I checked it this morning, still us. Just Google it and trust me. All right? So the world's full of people that hate us. They all live on the land. That's why we got an Army. This is the best division in the Army. So I'm a simple guy, but I think we're going to go to war on our watch."

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