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Inside Bulloch Business with Jan Moore - Disney business model much more than a 'mouse'
Jan Moore
Jan Moore

       On June 22, Ogeechee Tech in conjunction with the Ogeechee Technical College Foundation will host the famed Disney Institute. I have to confess that I did not know there was such a thing until my husband attended the Disney Institute program that was held in Atlanta a month or so ago.
      We all know that Disney is a "magical" place, and there are many of you that make the trip to the Orlando Disney at least once a year if not more. So, like you, when I think of Disney, I think of the theme park side of things. I rarely think about the business end. But without a doubt, Disney is an iconic brand which has stood the test of time as it has grown into an international phenomenon.
      In 1986, the Disney Institute was created to share with others the Disney business philosophy. You can attend the Disney Institute at Disney or receive training through seminars such as the one that is being held at Ogeechee Tech.
      This really is a unique opportunity for local business people as this seminar and the ones that are held in Atlanta are the only two locations in Georgia where this training will be held this year.
      "I hope that people will take advantage of this wonderful training that is being conducted right here in Statesboro," said Ben Thompson, vice president of economic development at Ogeechee Tech. "Even though it appears as if the economy has stabilized, and may be starting to turn around some, it isn't going to be what it once was. Everyone is going to have to run a better company and continue to improve to survive and be profitable. This is a way to enhance how you operate your business and to continue to make yourself better."
      Thompson pointed out that Disney is a world renowned company whose business practices are emulated around the globe.
      "There are few companies in the world that are as well known and respected as Disney," Thompson said. "The service they provide, and the consistency of product is legendary. They have a tried and true business model that they share during the seminar. If you implement the things that they teach you, you will have a better company."
      The seminar will focus on five areas - inspiring creativity, leadership excellence, people management, quality service, and brand loyalty. According to the Institute, these lessons forge an enduring bond between inspired leaders, motivated employees, and satisfied customers that drives financial results and sustains years of repeat business.
      "Business people don't think enough about creativity, and that is very important," Thompson said. "Solving problems, regardless of what you do, is a part of any business environment or service organization. Disney recognizes this, and encourages creativity on the job. It really is amazing to hear their business philosophy and how it is implemented in every facet of their organization. Participants will get a first-hand understanding of one of the world's most successful companies and gain adaptable business strategies based on Disney's core strengths. I hope that people will take advantage of this opportunity."
      You can register for the seminar on Ogeechee Tech's website - or call the college at (912) 486-7409.

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