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Weekly Whatup, 4/14
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    Ah Howzit? Who could have guessed going into last week that anyone other than the incredible Mr. Woods would walk away with the green jacket?
    Trevor Immelman had one career win coming to the 2008 Masters. Now the wee South African is sketched in immortality and can tell his grand kids he beat Tiger — among others.
    Thankfully, I didn’t predict Woods to win last week, although I Woods have. Baaazing! Since my woeful score is becoming a Wikipedia reference for ‘hilarious’, I’ll take all the breaks I can get.
    How’d I ever get 10? It’s a miracle: 10-16.

Damn you Blue!
    The Blue squad foiled my attempts at setting the season standard a little bit higher by beating the White 14-0 in one half of football Saturday.
    As a journo, it’s hard not to get wrapped up in the hysteria of a scrimmage that will have little-to-no bearing on the actual season itself. Sorry, Coach, we’re a pretty stubborn bunch and we’re not going home until you answer all of our ridiculous questions.
    If the season started this Saturday, the Eagles would be in a bit of trouble. But alas, it doesn’t, and now there’s plenty of time to figure out how to hide an inexperienced offensive line, brand new backfield and fresh-faced quarterbacks until the Storming of Athens.
    At least the defense looks good, and I love me some defense.
    So we leave the banks of Beautiful Eagle Creek for now, but not to worry, August will be here before you know it.

Da Association
    Yeah, that’s right, those Hawks are likely back in the playoffs. Who knew?
    I don’t profess to be any sort of Hawks fan myself, nor do I care much for the pro-traveling, lack-o-defense NBA of the current day. But hey, who knows, I may find myself peeking in a little bit on the Hawks and their quest to be swept by the first-place Celtics.
    Heck I may even do something crazy and say Atlanta steals at least one game from the Boston Three Party. Hmm, looks as though I just did.   

    That wacky southern weather ruined what I imagine would have been the biggest and best Plankenhorn Invitational yet this past weekend. It also meant I couldn’t attend due to prior conflicts.
    About half the squads came back and competed on Tuesday, and the show went on as planned. I know we can’t wait for next year’s event.