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Prep Football First Look: Southeast Bulloch

    In just a few short years, Southeast Bulloch has gone from a floundering program to a team that can’t be looked over by any of its region foes.
    SEB coach Pat Collins is entering his fourth year at the helm of the Yellow Jackets. During that time, the only thing rising faster than SEB’s spot in the standings is the amount of players in the program.
    Formerly a 30-man squad at the bottom of Class AA, a reinvigorated swarm of Jackets has now ballooned to 80 players and held their own in 2012 after being bumped up to Class AAA.
    “Overall, it’s been a pretty good summer,” Collins said. “We’ve been averaging about 65-70 guys every time we have a workout day. That’s not quite everyone, but percentage-wise, that’s pretty good.”
    Of course, for all the progress that has been made, it has still been 10 years since SEB has made an appearance in the state playoffs. But if the Jackets have proven anything over the last few seasons, it’s that they aren’t afraid to meet lofty goals and then move on to an even higher peak.
    Keeping with that trend, this summer has been a busy one for SEB. Beginning in June, the Jackets have been running workouts — one in the morning and one in the evening — every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. This past Tuesday marked the start of SEB’s participation in Bulloch Academy’s passing league, which will run every Tuesday and Thursday throughout July.
    The Jackets have also ventured away from Brooklet in hopes of gaining an edge in the fall.
    Last month, 11 Jacket quarterbacks and receivers headed up to Middle Georgia College for the Mike Hodges passing camp. The next week, 23 linemen made the same journey to attend Hodges’ offensive line camp. SEB kickers attended the Carroll White camp at Georgia Southern University and the Jackets hosted players from four other schools for a one-night instruction session provided by former GSU kicker Mike Dowis.
    “I think that we’ve done a lot to get better,” Collins said. “As always, the biggest thing is the commitment of these kids. They continue to put in the time and effort and that’s what is going to help us become more successful.”