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Don't be surprised if 'Hatcher' surfaces in coaching talks
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    It’s not even December yet, and already coaches are being knocked off the coaching pedestals of major college football programs around the nation. Nebraska, Texas A&M, Mississippi and Michigan are all already coach-less, and rumors are swirling at plenty of other programs creating what will likely become a hurricane of changes come this offseason in college football.
    Meanwhile, in Statesboro, the Hatcher family probably still has boxes left to be unpacked, neighbors to meet and odds and ends to patch up in a house they’ve yet to make it a full year through. Don’t think that won’t stop the phone from ringing.
    There’s no doubt that coach Chris is focused on planting his roots in the ‘Boro, continuing to build his program and recruiting his tale off. Other programs, however, could care less. Sports, after all, are a business, and there’s a commodity out there with ‘Coach of the Year’ written all over him.
    At Mississippi, the Rebels have had enough of Ed Orgeron after his team blew a 10-0 lead at Mississippi State on Friday. The folks in Oxford haven’t seen decent football since Eli Manning was in town, and even then no one was thinking National Championship.
    Ole Miss could be looking for a fresh face. Someone to resurrect their own program and make them competitive again. Don’t be surprised if Hatcher is on the long list of candidates for UM.
    Farther west in Lincoln, the red-clad fans in Husker land can empathize with the struggles of GSU.
    A program that used to dominate the competition with a smash-mouth running game and a ferocious defense made the switch to the new wave of football four years ago when they hired Bill Callahan. The pass-happy Huskers have now become a laughing stock in the Big 12, and those pesky boosters aren’t happy.
    There’s talk that UN may turn back to the run, searching for someone like Jim Grobe at Wake Forest or former-Eagle Paul Johnson at Navy. But others may feel it’s best for Nebraska to embrace the changing face of college football and hire an offensive coach who can emulate the success of Oklahoma, Texas Tech, Kansas and Missouri.
    Don’t be surprised if Lincoln takes a quick glance towards Statesboro.
    Other programs have begun to hear the rumblings of rumors about their current head coach.
    In Tallahassee, it’s only a matter of time before the father of FSU football Bobby Bowden hangs up that hat of his. Getting slapped around by Florida 45-12 on Saturday may make that hook look a little closer to the hand for Mr. B.
    Hatcher, no doubt, has a pretty good grasp of the recruiting scene in northwest Florida and south-central Georgia, and the talent he could coax to Seminole-land would be more than dangerous in his Hatch Attack offense.
    Bowden hasn’t left yet, however, so let’s not try and fill a seat that’s not vacant.
    Finally, like the aforementioned, this scenario may seem a little far-fetched. But nonetheless, just up the road at Georgia Tech fans are starting to wonder if Chan Chailey is the right man in Atlanta. An announcement on his future could come as early as today.
    If Gailey is let go, the Jackets may start their search inside the state, and look towards a young coach who took a 3-8 team to 7-4 in his first year. Again, recruiting is key, and GT may be looking for someone with strong ties all over the state that can bring in the talent comparable to that other school down Highway 78.
    With all that being said, Georgia Southern fans should have nothing to worry about. It looks as though Hatcher, his family and his staff plan on being in Eagle Nation for a long time to come.
    Just don’t be surprised if ‘Hatcher’ surfaces on the notepads of some athletic directors, through the voices of talk radio or on the computer screens of those infamous internet message boards. We got one of the best, and hopefully not to many schools realize it — yet.