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Woman suing Chris Rock to write book about her life
Rock Boyer
Kali Bowyer and Chris Rock - photo by FILE
    Saying she wanted to clear up some misconceptions about her, the woman suing Chris Rock to determine if he is the father of her child has agreed to write a book about her life.
    In an exclusive email interview with the Statesboro Herald, Kali Bowyer will be writing a book about her experiences from her college years in which she ran in the same circles as Chris Rock and other future stars, though no release date has been set for it.
    She said she was writing the book "mostly to set the record straight," Bowyer said Wednesday. "I have been slammed so hard. People have stated things that are completely, 100 percent untrue."
    Among some of the untruths printed about her have been her age and even her race.
    "These people write about you  or have spoken with you which is not the case at all. It just blows my mind," she said.
    Bowyer filed a lawsuit in Bulloch County earlier this year to try to compel Rock to submit a DNA sample to determine if he is the father of her child. Since that time, a gag order has been in place preventing either party from discussing the matter.
    The book will not be all about Rock, Bowyer said, but instead will be about "the group of friends and various events" from the 1990s. She said it won't focus on Rock and she hasn't decided if she'll address her current situation with the comedian in the book.
    "I really don't have an honest answer," she said.
    Bowyer said she is still in touch with some of her friends from college and they are very supportive of her decision.
    "I am sure that it might make some people nervous due to the fact that all are pretty big celebrities now. No one is out to slam anyone or cause any harm," she said. "Some things I will just not get into for any amount of money."
    She said she didn't know if there will be things in the book that some people don't want to see published.
    "Maybe, it depends on their outlook," she said.
    Bowyer declined to name any of the other celebrities that she hung out with, saying you'll have to read the book to find out.
    She also said she didn't really have an concerns about people thinking she was trying to cash on on her 15 minutes of fame, saying the book doesn't have anything to do with her current legal proceedings.
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