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Why can't we say Merry Christmas; a Christian nation; busy signals at businesses
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Note: All comments published in Soundoff are the opinions of the anonymous callers and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Statesboro Herald. To leave your message of 30 seconds or less, call (912) 489-3733.

"There was nothing wrong with saying Happy Holidays 10 years ago. But today the phrase has come to symbolize the attempt of non-Christians to censor Christianity. When businesses re ... forbid their employees - Christian and non-Christian alike - from saying Merry Christmas, even when the customer says it first, then our religious freedom as well as our freedom of speech, is being compromised."

"Hood Loop Road would be dry enough to grade if the county hadn't put that clay crap at the beginning of our entrance."

"In 1776, Patrick Henry wrote, 'It cannot be emphasized too strongly or too often that this great nation was founded not by religionists, but by Christians. Not on religion, but on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. For that reason alone, people of other faiths have been afforded freedom of worship here.' Sounds to me like this is a Christian nation, doesn't it?"

"... These people that put their ads in the paper ... and ... a telephone number that ... never ... has a busy signal ... all the time, they need to do somethin' about it because I tried to call and buy somethin' and you can't buy nuthin' if they don't answer the phone."

"I missed ... Soundoff. I quit the paper when you went down on ... you dropped Monday. ... And now I'm comin' back because I wanna ... get Soundoff and the Classified ads. ... So, please don't disappoint me ... and ... drop Soundoff because that's one of the best parts of the whole newspaper! Thank you and have a good Christmas. Bye-bye."

"All y'all need to understand that George W. Bush is gone. George W. Bush is not responsible for anything we have today."



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