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September 30 - I would like the railroad track on Parrish and 301 to be redone. I'm in a wheelchair
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I would like the railroad track on Parrish and 301 to be redone. I'm in a wheelchair ... and I got stuck on it. ... It hadn't been for this man and woman stoppin', push me off, I guess I'd been dead.

Hey, now that Portal Police Department is actually out lookin' for people with paper tags ... how 'bout we look for people who have warrants on them? You know why Portal has the lowest crime rate in Bulloch County? Because! We don't like to do paperwork, that's why! Have a great day, you guys.

The Herald needs to fire Phil Boyum. You need to hire a reporter ... that can keep the citizens informed of what's really goin' on in Statesboro. ... I appreciate what Lewis, Blitch and Riggs did for this community.

Hey, y'all, move to Portal. You can get away with everything here. You can deal drugs. You can sell stolen property. You can print counterfeit money! You can do whatever you want! Truly! Because we don't have anybody that enforces the law around here.

Please, oh great and wonderful ... city council. ... Don't cause another ... city employee to threaten to call their lawyer and sue us. We don't have any more money ... in our coffers.

Face it, people. ... Corruption in politics is not just in Washington. it has come to Statesboro. ... Our local government is too big, too bossy, too smart-alecky, too arrogant. They need to be cut down a notch and start over with a new crew.

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