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September 28 - I'm calling to refer that I have never seen a more racist town than Bulloch County.
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... I'm calling to refer that I have never seen a more racist town than Bulloch County. ... And believe you me, once I finish my degrees here at Georgia Southern, I will never return to this town. ... And I will never raise my children in a place ... with so much racism.

How's this for getting the cart before the horse? The county scrapes our roads one week and harrows them up and scrapes them again the following week? How does this fit into the budget?

I saw on Soundoff that Fox did not run a speech that ... Barack Hussein Obama ... gave ... and that's not true. Fox runs it all. The good and the bad. And will always run the president ... because he seems ... to always put his foot in his mouth.

Can you believe that General Colin Powell is ... breakin' the law in hirin' illegal aliens to do his work ... because they're cheap labor? ... Why doesn't he use the ... high-priced union workers like he and the Democrats support? They're tryin' to force 'em down our throats. If they're good enough for us, they're good enough for him.

Starting back as early as 1911 ... Turkey, Soviet Union, Germany, China, Guatemala, Uganda and Cambodia ... have established gun control. ... Since that time, over 170 million people ... unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated. ... The Democratic Party in the United States is tryin' to ... establish gun control here. ... Once we're not able to defend ourselves, what do you think they will do?

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