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September 25 - After Monday's Town Hall meeting in which a supporter asked Obama a tough question
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After Monday's Town Hall meeting ... in which a supporter asked Obama a tough question ... you will not see Obama conduct another ... uncontrolled town hall meeting. ... That will be a good Republican sound bite between now and November the 2nd.

So, Colin Powell uses illegal immigrants to work on his house. My unemployed relative would love to have that job, but he's an American citizen. And now Statesboro has a free clinic to handle health care for all illegals. But we citizens have to pay for our service. Good grief!"

Islamic law prohibits ... the construction of a mosque on land desecrated by the remains of pigs. ... Muslims ... will have to renounce construction. ... So, people just need to bury a bunch of pigs around New York ... and they can stop the buildin' of the mosque. Open restaurants. Fry a lotta bacon. Get the picture?

Servin' in Congress is an honor, not a career. ... The Founding Fathers envisioned citizen legislators. Serve your term, then go home and go back to work!

Now for the rest of the story. ... Back when Obama ... was being defended for all the petitions to prove his citizenship, guess who the attorney was. That's right. Elena Kagan represented Obama. ... Now that she's been put on the Supreme Court by Obama, I guess she'll be rulin' on some of the same petitions. Payback time!

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