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September 24 - I challenge your Soundoff readers to find the separation clause in the United States
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Note: All comments published in Soundoff are the opinions of the anonymous callers and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Statesboro Herald. To leave your message of 30 seconds or less, call (912) 489-3733.

I challenge your Soundoff readers to find the separation clause in the United States Constitution. It is simply … not there. … If you wanna narrow your search, it's s'posed to be in the First Amendment, so study the First Amendment of the Constitution. … There is not the single word about separation in it. There is no separation clause.

  If Phil Boyum and the Statesboro Herald had printed the whole story about the Baptist church and water line … people wouldn't have to be so worried about the city giving something to the Baptists. That is not … what's gonna happen. The Baptist church offered to pay the cost of the extension of the water line. And everybody's worried. The city's gotta extend it whether it goes to the Baptist church or not in order to meet … current building codes. … Wish you had printed to whole story.

I was just wonderin' if the Statesboro Herald covered the 9-11 … ceremonies put on by the fire department, the police department and the sheriff's department … last Saturday. I haven't seen anything in the paper about it … and I was just curious. I know I saw some people there takin' pictures and writin' stuff, so I thought maybe … maybe you have somethin' in the paper.

I am so tired of our politicians … acting like 2 year-olds if they loose an election. … They need to get over it, grow up and those still in office … need to start cooperating and do things for us average Americans. Not their rich friends, but us average Americans who are supporting this country. I am just so tired of all of them acting like spoiled brats.

Thank you, Herald, for putting the cable guide back in your TV Book. Now I can find which channel … my favorite programs are on.

I enjoy watching Fox News … and it would take a lot more than a … a President Obama speech to make me wanna be a progressive Democrat communist. … And that's exactly what a progressive is. They're Marxists They communists. Just like President Obama. … So listenin' his speech is not gonna make me become … a Democrat.

I have been … Atlanta Brave fan since they were in Boston. … But, why change a winning combination when you are winnin'? The Braves were ahead … eight games when you made these trades just before the deadline. Now, they're three games behind. You never mess with sumthin' when it's workin' properly.

Statesboro Blue Devil football … had a tough loss. Shake it off and let's play. Put on the blue helmet with Ss on, let's go get 'em again. Go, Devils!

Get your facts straight. The Republicans threatened to block extension of tax breaks unless Obama included all the rich CEOs.

Just wants to let the … sports editor … if that's his name … or title. Some of … some of us are baseball fans. Not one word in the Saturday's paper … on baseball. That's Saturday … September the 17th.

Hearing Obama talk on TV would not make me wanna change … to … to Democrat. It would make me glad that I am a Republican.

Drug stores may you walk all the way to the back to buy your medicine … because they want you to buy some of their stuff, which is located between the front door and the medicine.

… On the diabetic research for 'Kiss a Pig', y'all have it in here for the … to go online on the computer, but for the people that don't have a computer, how can … how can they … do it? Would you please put somethin' in the newspaper … on … how you can participate? Thank you very much.

You choose to walk to the back to pick up prescriptions. At least two or … probably more — Cotton Ridge on Fair Road, McCook's on Northside Drive — have pickup … your car window service. … Maybe you could use a cup of coffee.

Statesboro Blue Devil football, you've had a tough loss. … Get together as a team. … The game plan this week is to physically beat a good Lakeside team. … With that as a game plan, we have no alternate plan.  Go, Devils!

Have you ever heard a politician … describe what … what income level the middle class is at … starts at … where it ends? … I never have. Even when President Clinton was in office, they never said with the middle class, but they always say they're gonna give the middle class a tax  cut. So, think about that for awhile.

I'm only 16 years old. … This is about the person who … put in the paper about the koran, how it's spelled k-a-r-o-n and how it's not supposed to be spelled q-u-a-r-o-n. It really is spelled q-u-a-r-o-n in English. In Arabic it is spelled k-o-r-a-n.

… This is the 16-year-old again … about the … person who had put … the koran incident … in the paper. It is … it's spelled k-o-r-a-n in Arabic and … but… it is still spelled q-u … r-a-n in English.

I am referrin' to the person or persons in Sunday's Soundoff about a fancy car that are livin' in the project. I also have a fancy car. And I also live in the projects. But I also have a 8 to 5. … Not all … not all the projects are for people who are poor. … Some people do have jobs … and they're not low-income. So before you … criticize, please do your homework. Thank you and have a nice day.

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