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September 23 - I'm callin' in response to the burnin' of the holy koran. My thing is I thought i
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I'm callin' in response to the burnin' of the holy koran. ... My thing is ... I thought it was freedom of religion. ... How would the Christians feel ... if people just started goin' around burnin' the holy Bible? They said ... the ... the... that the koran teaches hatred. If you read the Bible, the Bible is no different. Both of them books coincides together. ... So, I think everybody need to wisen up ... and open your eyes.

... I just called and I was gon' say that ... you know, deer season just 'round the corner ... and for all dem folks complainin' about folks with huntin' dogs. ... If y'all can just do me a favor. If you happen to catch one o' my dogs on your land ... just give me a call. I'll come get 'im. You know them son-o-guns can't read no signs.... But anyway ... thank ya! Have a good day!

I'd like to thank the lady that found my phone and turned it in to AT&T. Thank you very much. I really appreciate it.

It's Thursday afternoon and I just came down Ponderosa Road. The county needs to take care of that man who who just scraped 'em 'cause he evidently knows what he's doin'.

... I'd like ... to just put in here that somebody from the county needs to come and take these road work signs down ... at Jerry Hall Road. ... They come back and put 'em up ... when they start doin' work, but it been two months since anything's been done. Just take the signs down until they come back and actually start workin'.

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