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October 6 - Why is gas prices in Statesboro 20 cents a gallon more than Savannah? In Savannah,
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... Why is gas prices in Statesboro 20 cents a gallon more than ... Savannah? ... In Savannah, it's $2.39 a gallon, $2.38 a gallon. ... Even the highest in Rincon was $2 ... was $2.42 a gallon. ... So why is Statesboro ripping everybody off!? ... Geesh! You guys need to come down on your prices. ... Other people ... you know, that live here on a daily basis don't like to get ripped off, but you wanna rip the college kids off for some reason.

... Please answer me this one question: ... how can the city council legally use taxpayer money to make settlements with Mr. Haynes - or with anyone for that matter - and keep the details confidential?

This is for the ... independent voter that doesn't know what to do 'bout the ... governor's race. ... I've spent my entire life ... voting for the lesser of two evils. ... God bless.

Mr. Chance says he is unhappy with the firing of Haynes. ... Well, guess what? ... I'm not happy with most of ... whatever the city council does. God bless.

For the guy who parks his tractor trailer at the corner of Amanda Road and Princess Lane ... and leaves it runnin' all night: please find someone to park your truck. You're disturbin' the entire neighborhood. Also, it's a safety issue. Tryin' to see traffic from around your truck ... when tryin' to pull out on Amanda Road. ... I'm not mistaken, I believe there used to be a 'No Parkin' sign there anyway. Maybe the law should check on this.

I just got off of work. Thought I'd take a few minutes to take a deep breath, look at Facebook and I see that the ... secretary of our little local school ... is on Facebook. I thought they had all been blocked and would not be ... shouldn't be able to ... use ... the Internet for personal reasons or Facebook or any of that stuff. I think you need to be checkin' into this. We're payin' these people to look online ... to play.

It would be nice if the young men ... would learn to wear belts ... keep their pants up around their waist. ... It's a lot more decent ... a lot more ... gentleman-looking. Instead of looking ... so ... absolutely ... the other way, which is ... very unpresentable. ... Keep your pants up, guys! Put a belt on! That's what it's made for.

Rumor has it that the county is fixin' to buy the motel across from ... First Baptist Church right there. ... Don't know why they wont to go spend some money for some more land that they don't need. ... Just ... throwin' tax money away.

What happened to the ... 55 miles per hour sign off the bypass onto Pulaski Highway? Did the people that stole the pig mailbox ... get the sign, too? There is a new 45 m-p-h ... sign just as you turn onto Pulaski, but where does it end?

... I'm callin' about ... the sheriff office ... phone. Can't get in touch with them from ... quarter 'til seven. I've been callin' steady 'til now. ... You have ... only one line and the line apparently is not workin'.

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