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October 2 - Obama's not tryin' to raise taxes on the rich. He tryin' to raise taxes on anybody mak
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Obama's not tryin' to raise ... taxes on the rich. He tryin' to raise taxes on anybody makin' more than $250,000. ... That's your boss. ... That's the person that owns the ... private ... businesses here in town. ... That's the person that's tryin' to decide whether they can afford to give you raise or keep you on his payroll. ... Raise his taxes and you're out of a job.

Why don't the paper put Statesboro Soundoff problems in it? ... I see Obama this, Obama that. I'm tired of it. ... He is our president. So just shut up!

When you are making a left-hand turn, stay on your side of the road. Whether you are ... parked and waiting to turn or whether you are comin' around to make the left-hand turn.

... I don't often call Soundoff with ... a positive ... anything, but I do want to say ... commend the editorial ... on that was done on Friday, February 24, September 24. ... Very good ... editorial about the city and the ... how it's lost so much credibility. And it really has over the last several years. And the citizens of Statesboro are gonna have to do something about the fact ... that the city council really is ... beginning to look like a joke. But thank you for the editorials. Very well written. Well done. Thank you.

Now that the city manager has been relieved of his duties, will that actually free up some money for the ... employees of City of Statesboro that really do the work to get paid?

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