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October 16 - Will the truck driver on Princess Lane please find somewhere else to park your truck?
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Note: All comments published in Soundoff are the opinions of the anonymous callers and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Statesboro Herald. To leave your message of 30 seconds or less, call (912) 489-3733.

Will the truck driver on Princess Lane please find somewhere else to park your truck? ... You're creating a safety hazard. ... And also, you're disturbin' the neighborhood by lettin' your truck run all night.

In the Metter Advertiser ... August the 4th, 2010, they was this here ... black guy, won't mention ... Willie Stokes guy ... that was sentenced for the 2006 Easter death. ... How could the judge ... if the judge knew the family, how could the ... judge render ... a proper ... verdict? ... Only gave him 20 years for it. ... I mean, that's ... I was just readin' the paper and ... that just puzzled me. ... I'd like for somebody to investigate it.

... I'd like to know how many dogs you're allowed to have in the county without having a kennel license. I understood there was four ... allowed. If somebody could write an article about that. I have a neighbor that has at least six outside and several inside ... and they go 24/7 and you never get any peace. And the police don't do anything about it. So, could you please ... put an article in there?

I wish people would leave a message for me unless they just callin' me to harrass me ... or to ... see if I'm home or not. ... But just ... people, speak up and leave a message. Thank you.

On my cell phone ... if ... comes ... paid for in Statesboro, so ... it comes outta Statesboro ... but I believe I ... good thing I got voice mail because a lotta times the phone don't even ring even though I'm ... in ... still in Bulloch County. It's amazin'. I wouldn't ... probably ... it's good to have voice mail and then ... necessary because the phone don't ring every time it ... I get a phone call.

If there's someone, anybody ... group ... people, anybody, that want to ... start a walking/running club ... or ... exercise enthusiast, it doesn't matter. If anybody wanna start a ... walking/running club ....

... Come on, now, fancy lady. ... Soundoff is s'posed to be for the ... folks to vent their opinion, vent their frustrations and voice their opinions. ... Can't all of us who read and enjoy the Herald ... have a college education, myself included. Please quit fumin'. It ain't good for you.

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