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November 6 - Does anyone know what plans the board of education has for the existing Sallie Zettero
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Does anyone know what plans the board of education has for the existing Sallie Zetterower building ... and for the Stilson Elementary building when it's closed?

This is for the idiot that said the Democrats keep blamin' Bush for the economic problems ... that we're having ... did we forget that the House was ... and the Senate was controlled by Democrats. ... Only two years ... of the Bush administration was controlled by Democrats. The Republicans ... ruined this country. ... The Democrats tried to pull us out.

Welcome news, indeed, about the city council opening up its proceedings. ... Why did the Herald all but bury it under a tiny headline in the middle of page five? ... This is big news.

Statesboro Herald, please ... continue to follow up with the Gary Lewis store and don't let it die because the public wants to know ... what's gonna happen ... with his ... court situation. Please don't let this story die until it is finished.

It's a shame you hafta call stores three or four times in Statesboro ... to find out if they got what you want and where it's at in the store. ... I mean, stores ... if pe ... if the ... employees learn the business, learned everything they had ... they could cut the phone calls probably in half. ... You know, and that would save a lotta people's time and money.

When I went to bed on Tuesday night, Sanford Bishop was losin'. ... When I woke up, he was ahead. I guess the Democrats forgot about a coupla cemeteries for a while.

Poor old broken Al Barr. ... Looks like he will have to keep on milkin' his cow ... instead of the Georgia taxpayers.

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