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November 23 - This guy that has worked for Charles Dron Claude Howard Lumber Company for 50 year
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... This guy that has worked for Charles Dron ... Claude Howard Lumber Company for 50 years ... he must have one huge ... retirement package comin'. ... I'd like to know what it is. Thank you. Have a nice day.

Listen up ... all you people out there .... I'm sure if you watch the news, you saw the Ch ... Charlie Rangol ... investigation goin' on in congress. ... Well, the same thing happened to our ... newly-elected governor. ... But he settled his before it come to a head. He let ... resigned from congress. ... Thank you very much.

People, we are sick and tired of hearin' about Gary Lewis. He knows what he done. ... Get over it and move on! ... Quit callin' Soundoff about it. There's more important things to worry about in this world than Gary Lewis. Thank you and have a blessed day.

This is for all the people that's talkin' about Gary Lewis need to resign. Why don't y'all ask the ... mayor ... some of the other councilmen to resign and ask 'em what they doin' with all our tax money up there? Y'all have made a celebrity out of Gary. And Gary is innocent as a lamb. So, get a life, please.

... Gary, where is Rev. ... Sharp and Jesse when you need 'em?

Gary, I have an idear. Since you like newspapers so much, you need to get a job deliverin' papers. But you will first have to get a larger car.

Hello. ... Have a good day. For those that's ... just keep on talkin' about Gary Lewis, Gary Lewis and that paper, they need to sweep around they own front door before they try to sweep around somebody else's. ... And another thang, they can't be so godly 'cause if they was, they wouldn't worry about that. They need to keep they eye on the prize and that's God. They gone go to hell ... worryin' about that man and that newspaper. Please print that! Thank you.

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