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November 21 - Gary Lewis said that he settled so this would be over with. Since Mr. Lewis is a p
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Gary Lewis said that he settled ... so this would be over with. ... Since Mr. Lewis is a public official, it will be over with when the public says it is over with.

Why would a school get a new phone number and not let parents know? How could they expect us to get in touch with teachers, administrators or anyone else if we don't know the phone number?

I'll bet you ... if one of his employees was stealing $4 worth of hair products ... he would think differently about firin' 'im. ... And I'll bet you, since there's so much cover-up in city hall ... somethin's goin' on.

Do you really want the mayor to fire him because he stole? ... If they fire him, they'll have to pay him several hundred thousand dollars to keep him quiet about what goes on up there. Think about it. Isn't that the pattern?

Please don't send your child to Statesboro head Start. The teachers fussin' and cussin' in front of child in the lunchroom on Tuesday, November the 16th, 2010. ... That's very unprofessional. ... And have a nice day.

No, I think the lesson learned about the governor's election is that we don't want liberal Democrats.

This is for all the people of citizens of Bulloch County who are talkin' about Gary Lewis. You talked about Obama. You need to talk about the governor you just elected. All the criminal charges and thangs he did. Now that's what you need to talk about. You need to leave Gary Lewis and Obama alone right now! ... Get a life!

Thank you ... to the county health department ... for the food inspections service ... in our eating places. It helps keep us healthy.

You know, I got upset this mornin'. ... Could not find my Statesboro Herald nowhere around my door ... or in my yard ... or behind the bushes. ... Yet, only one person came to my mind. ... You rascal done drove by and got my paper!

Holli Bragg's ... disrespectful attitude ... t'ward white parents ... is very, very disappointing. She should apologize to all white ... parents ... who bring their children to laundromats.

... This guy that has worked for Charles Dron ... Claude Howard Lumber Company for 50 years ... he must have one huge ... retirement package comin'. ... I'd like to know what it is. Thank you. Have a nice day.

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