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November 16 - The recent election only illustrated that one can be a serious white-collar unconvicte
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The recent election only illustrated that one can be a serious white-collar unconvicted criminal and still be elected governor. ... What a tragic lesson ... for our young people.

To the caller that said Gary Lewis is a strong black man. Guess what that makes you. ... Stealing and lying are not accepted for anyone in public office. Time to bow out, my friend.

By the same token of reasoning that they're bringin' an engineerin' school ... to Statesboro, should not there be schools of agriculture ... in Atlanta ... school of business ... in At ... in ... Georgia Tech? ... It's just ... pure illogic to bring an engineering school down here. We've got one in Savannah. ... It's just crazy. ... Spend money, spend money, spend money.

If Gary Lewis is such a strong black man, then why is he stealing newspapers? Stealing is stealing ... and that's all I have to say about that.

... Everybody's talkin' 'bout ... Gary Lewis for bein' a strong black man. He may be strong, but he just don't know how to count.

This is to the soldiers ... and the veterans. I wanna say thank you ... for all you do. ... Thank you.

This is about the city councilman. The person that said he's a scrong black man ... and we need not to worry about. ... You right. A person that scrong that stole papers and provided for the customers. Now let's see how many papers the customers have now.

I want some of that ... ocean-front property outside of Portal. ... Can somebody tell me how to get there?

... This is for the dummies who don't understand what the settlement is. ... Gary Lewis don't hafto go to court. ... Gary Lewis hadn't been charged or found guilty of anything. ... So, you remember, the case is close. So find something else to talk about. Courthouse is for people who cannot settle. 'Kay? Bye-bye!

Once again, our gov'ment have let our senior citizens down. No COLA increase and a large increase in the amount deducted for Medicare insurance. How sad.

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