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May 12 - Uh, let's see. Did bin Laden call ahead to the Twin Towers and warn the people? I don't t
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Uh, let's see. Did ... bin Laden call ahead to the Twin Towers and warn the people? I don't think sooooo. And I think he got exactly what he deserved and maybe even less.

I know two wrongs don't make a right ... but after what bin Laden did to our poor innocent people, there had to be some sort of retribution. ... And I think he got exactly what he deserved.

How fortunate that Holli was able to tell her side of the story to the public ... before her case is heard. Most people who are arrested don't have that opportunity ... and the public never hears if they were found innocent or guilty.

A riddle for you: what's worse? A racist newspaper or a hungry child ... with no clothes? Pay your child support and you wouldn't hafto worry about seeing your picture on the front of the page, no matter what color you are! Thank you. Bye-bye.

To the parents of the two boys who ride motorcycles nonstop in the west side neighborhood: please do something with them before they get killed. They ride with no helmets, popping wheelies ... on the highway ... at 60-plus miles an hour. They are going to get badly hurt or worse and I don't want that ... to happen. They are young and feel invincible. You are the parent. Act like one.

Yeah, Obama had to do sumthin' to bring his ratings up, so he sacrificed the SEALS Turns out, God protected the SEALS Obama didn't kill no one yet.

When I pull up to a stop light, I'm disgusted at all the cigarette butts laying on the side of the road. Do people who smoke think that cigarette butts aren't litter? ... Are they just too lazy to ... put them where they belong?

We all need to admit that it is often adults who fail our kids. ... Our boys here in Portal ... have a real shot at getting out of Bulloch County and to go to college. ... Durin' their spring football practice, various college scouts visited Portal ... and are interested in a number of our boys. ... But, because some adults in powerful positions want their buddies to have certain jobs ... some kids may have to suffer.

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