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January 15 - Maybe they should just cancel the rest of the NBA season and send all the players to
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I think Jan Moore should be able to write about what she wants to write about. If you don't like what she's writin' about, just simply don't read it.

The traffic engineer … should study the traffic light at Grady and South Main. There are no left turn signals and often only two or three cars can make it through this busy intersection.

I was just wonderin' what was up. The government's tryin' to control what we watch on TV by digitalog. Now they wantin' to try to take our antennas away and … and keep us from gettin' our free … TV.

Will you people ever get over the fact that somebody who does not look like your ancestors has been elected as president of this country? … You may not agree with all Obama's decisions, but did the president who look like your ancestors always make right decisions?! No! They did not! Stop bein' hateful! Get over it!

… It's time for the graders to get out. I live on Brannen Pond Road. It needs scrapin' bad. Buie Driggers, Cleary Road … I can't even go see a friend on there. … And Arcola is just outta sight. So, please … give us another present. Get out there and scrape them roads!

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