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February 9 - Well, what does a citizen hafto do to ... to get 301 North ... potholes removed?
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All comments published in Soundoff are the opinions of the anonymous callers and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Statesboro Herald. Items may be edited for clarity and space. Call 912.489.3733 to leave your recorded message of 30 seconds or less.

"Well, what does a citizen hafto do to ... to get 301 North ... potholes removed? ... Because it's gettin' to a point that it's almost ... indriveable. ... We need to ... have this issue addressed immediately. ... because ... after while, folks gonna hafto send a bill ... to the Department of Transportation about all these potholes. ... So, let us ... let us address this issue. ... People should call in and complain about that."

"President Obama don't want us to drill off shore for oil to help the U.S. But he's loaned $2 billion of the U.S. taxpayers' money, which we don't have, to Brazil to drill offshore. And all the oil they get's goin' to China, not the U.S. ... Now you figure that. Especially when George Source is the biggest stockholder in that outfit. Thank you very much, Obama."

"This is an answer to the person who ... called in and said Holli was wrong ... 'bout the flea market. ... The flea market was judged wrong to start with. ... If they ... met all the requirements ... the ... front ... the lot ... would cert ... would pave with black top. ... All the side was paved with gravel ... and ... much ask wards for everybody. So, the ... the ... the ... flea market doesn't want anything special. Just be judged with good common sense."

"Is there a homeless shelter in Statesboro? Someone please call in with the ... information about it."


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