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December 8 - Sure could use some of that there global warmin' about now. My outdoor thermometer is s
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Sure could use some of that there global warmin' about now. My outdoor thermometer is showin' 25 degrees. Brrrr!

Do you realize that we pay taxes in Portal, too? ... We're not on a reduced rate because we live in Portal. ... Our gymnasium is ridiculous! Our Friday night game was very uncomfortable. ... The coaches ... hafto stand on the floor. ... Statesboro and Southeast Bulloch doesn't have this problem. ... We got leftovers. Do somethin'.

The guy that wrote the article in the sports section about the Bulloch Academy ... girls' basketball game and the boys' basketball game needs to brush up on his grammar ... because there's no such word as snucked, s-n-u-c-k-e-d. There is no such word, so you need to brush up on your grammar there, old buddy!

The Georgia State Patrol was out in high force ... this holiday season to stop DUIs. ... Unless you're a cop comin' from Chatham County, you can get drunk as hell and run over a lil' girl walkin' down the road and kill her ... and then they don't do a damn thang! Unless you're a cop ... you will pay. ... If you are a cop and you run over somebody drunk and kill 'em, they make it go away!

Well, board of education members. Y'all done it to Portal again. ... Ribbon cuttin' in Portal. How many board of education members showed up? ... Not even Dr. Holloway could make it, nor David Ball, the representative up there. ... Another slap in the face for Portal.

Statesboro Blue devil football: congratulations on a great season. ... Your pride and determination and strength ... has ... made the rest of the state of Georgia fear the guys in blue with the big S. ... Congratulations, Devils, on a great season. Go, Devils!

Come on, Georgia Southern Eagle fans. Let's show our true ... blue/white colors. Now, we had 1500 fans ... last week against William & Mary. That's a little further than Spartanburg, South Carolina. So, let's ... put on the blue and white and give a shout for one more time. Let's go, Georgia Southern Eagles!

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