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December 7 - Looks like someone at the tax office would be smart enough to put a drop box ... so the
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Looks like someone at the tax office would be smart enough to put a drop box ... so the people of Bulloch County would not have to stand out in this cold ... and pay their taxes ... the ones that don't wanna ... only thing they want is a receipt ... or don't even need a receipt.

Just wonderin' why you can never get through to Concerted Services. ... Those people keep the phone off the hook all the time or what?

I just saw on the news where they put Wesley Snipes, the actor, in jail for tax evasion. ... Why don't they put Charlie Rangol, Tim Geitner and John Carey and some of those guys in jail for tax evasion ... instead of just censorin' 'em?

It's so aggravating. ... You used to find a certain product at a store and either they sold out of it or quit carryin' it. If you used to buyin' it, I don't see how they ... stay in business.

I wish ... people quit callin' the house and never say anything. ... I know sometimes it's 800 numbers 'cause I have Caller ID, but ... they got to be crazy think I'm gon' buy somethin' from them.

Went to the VA today ... to see about health benefits. ... They told me because I'm a working man and I'm not poor, I'm not eligible. Just another way the U.S. government screws the veterans.

... I have been a subscriber to the Statesboro Herald for a number of years. ... I don't like the new entertainment ... guide that is in ... this week's paper. ... It is too big and ... ju ... not as convenient ... as the other was. Please consider ... putting back the old one in the paper or somethin' similar. Thank you.

How 'bout those Eagles! ... Watching today gave me the flutter in my chest like I used to get watching Georgia Southern football games. ... How I wished I could have been there. ... There is definitely something to be said for the triple option. Erk knew what he was doing when he built Georgia Southern football around it and once again new Eagles coach, Geor ... Jeff Monken, proved him right. It's taken a while, but GSU is finally back doing what they should be doing ... winning football games.

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