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December 1 - Sure wish I could find a job that pay me a thousand dollars a week just to set at a des
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Sure wish I could find a job that pay me a thousand dollars a week just to set at a desk and not do much of anythang.

If you're determined ... to ... wear your jewelry doin' work in the yard or home ... I suggest you wear a pair of gloves. I recently thought I had lost a stone outta my ring. ... And, I was just sorta upset when I saw it. And ... somethin' just said, ‘well, go look in the glove'. There it was. The stone was saved ... by the glove. If this helps anybody ... to ... avoid losin' their stones outta their rings, try wearin' gloves when you doin' yard work or somethin' that ... you ... sort of ... real active.

Oh, boy! and thank goodness! I bet I speak for everyone that travels Lakeview Road for a much ... needed ... but very short ... paving job. ... Thank you so very much. Thank you. Bye.

This is in reference to two ... Statesboro city police officers. You are here to protect and serve. And when somebody ... call you for incident, why do you hafta degrade peoples, ‘specially if they're minorities? ... You always hafta degrade people and throw your little ‘thority around and that is not professional.

Too much stealing in our communities. Surveillance cameras should be mandatory in all businesses. All thieves deserve jail.

If North and South Korea ... go to war, does that mean we'll get new episodes of M*A*S*H?

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