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August 17 - I was just wondering what the ordinance is in the county for signs. I just drove thr
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I was just wondering what the ordinance is in the county for signs. ... I just ... drove through the little community of Hopeulikit the other day ... and it look like ... they were usin' bed sheets for signs. ... I think that needs to be looked into.

Let's pray for a win-win solution for King America and the Ogeechee River. ... Those 500-plus employees are from Bulloch and Screven counties, not Chicago. Times are hard. Let's pray for a way for that plant to stay open. We supposed to be Christians in this Bible belt. Let's act like it.

Thank you, city of Statesboro, for the nice, new bicycle path on Gentilly. ... We rode on it today and it was great. ... I'm glad you city politicians stopped bickering ... long enough to build something nice.

I recently visited New York City, and I want to give a hats-off to our city, county and state workers in regards to maintaining the upkeep of our streets and roads. I want to say thanks for keeping our streets, city, county and state roads in good repair, debris-free and maintaining visible lines in the road. To all the local and state DOT workers: thank you very much. Visiting the city ... was ... a different experience. The roads are horrible.

... I just wanna to let you know that ... I'm gonna have to start driving out 301 instead because the eyesore of the ... fairgrounds is so atrocious. The colors are horrible. It looks like Helen Keller picked them out. ... They need to repaint that and paint it something ... less ... atrocious. ... Thank you for the chance to sound off. Bye!

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