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August 12 - All those meetings in Washington to reduce the spending and to lower the debt and to r
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Note: All comments published in Soundoff are the opinions of the anonymous callers and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Statesboro Herald. To leave your message of 30 seconds or less, call (912) 489-3733.

All those meetings in Washington to reduce the spending and to lower the debt ... and to raise the debt ceiling ... have been a waste of time and taxpayer money. They have not done one thing to cut spending or to reduce government. We have not won anything at all! Washington is the same as it's always been and the next thing they're gonna do is raise our taxes again. Same ol', same ol'.

I received my boat renewal last week. It came from Georgia DNR in Maryland. Guess somebody in Georgia lost their job ... and somebody in Maryland gained one. Only thing is, the person in Maryland doesn't pay Georgia income tax or buy anything in the state of Georgia. Yep! Really good decision, Georgia!

The front page of the paper says consumers are spending less. Oh, no! That's not right. We're spendin' waayyy, way more at the gas pumps! When it costs you $75 to fill up, you do without a lot of other things.

As a concerned parent, I want the superintendent and school board to make sure all schools keep our kids safe and out of this extreme heat. ... If one of mine suffers because of being outside ... when there's a warning or advisory, they'll be a p ... price to pay. This goes to after school programs as well.

... To the person that was drivin' the blue truck that hit a dog on the side of the road ... and you went off the road and hit the dog. ... You should be shamed of yourself. Now my dog is in the vet's. ... And that was ... my ... friend. Shame, shame on you! Stay off of the phone! ... And look where you goin'.

… I wanted to let … you know, tell people 'bout … when they're goin' to red lights and stuff, a lot of the lights in Statesboro, you have to roll up … when there's, especially have cuts in them … to … let … let the light know that it's … needs to change and … I did that today at the bypass. This car, asked 'em, that they, you know, went up to 'em, finally and said y'all gotta move up … otherwise the light's not gon' change and they just … got incensed. But, anyway … told me to pull in front of 'em, just take care of it myself, so I did and within 10 seconds, it changed. … I wasn't tryin' to be rude, but, you know, people, quit bein' so damn stupid! And, you know, look at the ground and see that you're supposed to roll forward. Thank you.

I just wanna say to Julia P. Bryant: I think it's a shame how you have to stand in line … or wait in line 30 minutes just to drop your child off.

To the person who called into Soundoff stating the TEA Party is un … anti-Democratic because we will not compromise at all. You are sorely mistaken. There were three bills presented to the senate. They voted to table two of them. They didn't vote on them. They voted to not vote on them. The compromise was the raising of the debt limit, getting the government even more money to waste instead of stopping the hemorrhaging completely. That was the compromise. So, when you say we didn't compromise, you're regurgitating wrong information. Simply because your singular view of compromise was raising taxes, doesn't mean that that was the only way to compromise.

We need to get our priorities straight. On the front page of the Herald are two articles. One is about a group of people who want $600,000 for a park. … The other is about how our children are enduring horrible heat in school buses … with no air conditioning. … The park money could buy seven school buses. … Good grief!

This is for the whiner in Thursday, August 4th, Soundoff … about the mean-spirited, evil TEA Party not compromising on the debt limit deal. Apparently, the word didn't even exist durin' the first years of the … Obama administration when the Democrats controlled the government. … The president said he had won the election, so the Republicans should just shut up and sit down. … While he … pushed his socialist agenda down the throats of the people … against their will. No cries for compromise from the left end. … That's hypocrisy. Thank you.

… I am callin' Soundoff in regards to Social Security for the elders. … I … what I'm interested in is … they takin' Social Security from people that … can't afford to have it took away cause that's groceries. … But what I'm interested in … is … is the president, the vice president, the White House staff, the congress and senate … are they … goin' to give up a month of their services? … That's … that's all I got to say about it.

I enjoy completing the Sudo … 'duko puzzle that is in the paper. When the answer printed does not correspond with the original poll … puzzle, someone is not doin' their job. Please check this very closely in the future.

I'm callin' in reference to an older black female driving a white Chrysler … that committed a hit and run Monday, August the 1st, around 4:30 in the afternoon in the Rite-Aid … pharmacy parkin' lot. Any information on this woman or incident … please call the Statesboro Police Department and speak to Officer Futch. Thank you.

Soundoff, please put this in the paper. … On Tuesday, a big, big truck, hit … a … dog on Pulaski Highway. Did not even much stop and was not even much payin' attention, was on the cell phone. Okay. Someone seed you and you seed the person. … Shame on you! … The dog is in the vet. … Shame on you.

You know, I just don't understand … how the school board … can build a $4 million … complex, sports complex … in … Brooklet … but, yet, is unable … to provide … air-conditioned buses for our children, especially since our school system now starts so early in the year. It baffles the mind.

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