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Chase leads to taser use on drug suspect
Newington man faces multiple charges after arrest
Reg Pierce Curtis Lavon Jr W
Curtis Lavon Pierce, Jr.

      SYLVANIA - A routine police patrol was interrupted by a foot chase and the subsequent arrest of a suspected Sylvania drug dealer last week behind Moat's IGA.
      Police said Curtis Lavon Pierce, Jr., 25, of Newington Highway, admitted to dealing cocaine after fleeing from police and then being subdued by an officer's taser gun.
      During patrol of the W.T. Sharpe Drive area, Officer Timothy Phillips said he spotted someone leaning inside a van window next to Moat's. Phillips said he appeared to hand something to the driver causing the officer to suspect drug activity.
      As Phillips pulled up to the scene and began getting out of his vehicle, Pierce began to run from the officer into the alley behind Moat's. Following in his car for a short distance, Phillips soon had to continue the chase on foot, he said.
      During the chase, Phillips said he observed Pierce digging into his pockets and throwing small objects to the ground. Again reaching into his pockets, Pierce's run slowed to a walk. Phillips said his uncertainty grew about what Pierce was pulling out of his pockets.
      Pierce was asked several times to remove his hands from his pockets but would not obey, Phillips said. Pierce was warned several times he would be shot with the taser if he did not comply, Phillips said. When he continued moving away from Phillips, hands in pockets, Phillips shot the taser Pierce and the chase ended.
      The bags thrown from his pockets were located and identified. Phillips said the first item found was identified as cocaine, while the second was marijuana. Officers also found in Pierce's pockets a pocket knife, a cigarette box containing more cocaine, eight pills, and two more rock-like substances identified as cocaine.
      Phillips said Pierce told police that he knew what was going to happen when he saw the police car and did not want to get caught, so that is why he ran.
      Police said he admitted he was dealing drugs, including cocaine to the van driver (he was seen with earlier that night), who drove away during the officer's pursuit of Pierce.
      Pierce was arrested and charged with possession of a controlled substance with intent to sell, possession of marijuana, illegal possession of a controlled substance, and willfully obstructing or hindering law enforcement officers.

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