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Rides in WWII plane will be offered this Saturday at Statesboro airport
History flight
World War II era aircraft will be on display at the Statesboro Regional Airport this weekend as part of the History Flight Barnstormer Tour. Above a T-6 Texan, right, and a Stearman Biplane, left, are pictured. - photo by Special
    Airplane enthusiasts, thrill seekers and history buffs alike will want to be at the Statesboro Municipal Airport this weekend, where the History Flight Barnstormer Tour will be offering rides in a historical World War II airplane - for a good cause.
    The nonprofit organization dedicated to preservation of the World War II aircraft also uses money earned through donations and plane ride fees to help locate the remains of over 78,000 American servicemen still listed as "missing in action" from World War II, according to information provided by the tour organizers, also available at Internet Web site
    Two T-6 Texans will be available for flights where citizens will be able to actually fly the plane under the guidance of an experienced, certified flight instructor. The cost of the flight  - 15 minutes - is $245.
    A Stearman Biplane will also be available, with flight at $225 for 15 minutes. The flight donations are tax deductible and longer rides are available at different rates.
    The History Flight Barnstormer Tour will be held at the Statesboro Municipal Airport from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
    A History Flight search  team recently returned from a month-long MIA search operation in Betio Island, Tarawa Atoll, where United States Government records show 400 Marines were buried in "Cemetery 33." Only 129 of the Marines' bodies were recovered and returned to the United States.
    Of the more than 78,000 servicemen listed as missing in action, 10,200 were returned to U.S. cemeteries and buried, listed as "unknown."
    The Department of the Army charged $56 to research the records of a MIA individual's deceased file, and to research the identities of those 10,200 "unknown soldiers" buried on U.S. land will cost around $571,200, according to the Web site.
    For more information on History Flight, access the Web site or dial 1-888-743-3311. The 501c3 nonprofit organization is based at 5409 Overseas Highway 101, Marathon, Fla. 33050.
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