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United Way winding down 2019 campaign
Front row: Katie Page, Mandy Fortune, Chris Wiggins and Brannen Smith. Back row (l-r): Mandy Edwards, Viv Scott, Carey Melton, Trish Tootle and Sam Kopotic.

United Way of Southeast Georgia 2019 campaign chair Katie Page and her team of volunteers said they are excited about the enthusiasm they are seeing in support of United Way’s mission as they wind down this year’s campaign. 

United Way touches almost every part Bulloch County by supporting critical non-profits who are focused on improving life by providing oabout 33,000 services annually to county residents. Of the funds raised by United Way, 100 percent stays in the community.

Page has set a goal of $375,000, which is $13,000 more than United Way raised last year. Also, she reinstated a fundraising team to help her with this year’s campaign. Serving on the team along with Page are Brandy Taylor, Brannen Smith, Chris Wiggins, Christina Harrell, Mandy Edwards, Mandy Fortune, Sam Koppotic, Trish Tootle and Viv Scott.

Together they plan to conduct more than 50 workplace campaigns with large and small businesses with a goal of funding 19 Bulloch County partner agencies.  

With a focus in ending the campaign around Thanksgiving, they are pleased with the results so far. 

“It is so heartwarming to see business and individuals support United Way,” Page said. “Workplace campaigns are reporting increases over last year. Many organizations are reinvigorating their support of United Way. For example, the City of Statesboro reengaged their employee campaign and kicked off the campaign with lunch and festivities at city hall for all of their employees. A fantastic event that was well received by their employees. 

“Bulloch County Board of Education completed their campaign, raising $83,405, which is a strong increase over last year. This is trend we are seeing continue throughout the community.”

There is still time to get involved and give.  You even can direct your gift to one organization or impact several services (youth & social development, emergency services, health & rehabilitation and elderly services).  United Way collaborates with 19 programs throughout the community, which means a donation helps improve every aspect of the community, not just one cause.

Here are a few examples of how far dollars go in helping the community:

➤ $1/wk provides in service training for 8-10 Child Advocacy Service volunteers

➤ $2/wk provides 42 hygiene kits to victims of natural disasters from American Red Cross

➤ $3/wk provides 60 books to children age 0-5 years - delivered to their homes

➤ $5/wk provides 1,300 lbs of food to families in need through the Statesboro Food Bank

The United Way’s local board of directors represent 22 businesses in Bulloch County and the board makes all decisions. 

Members of the board include: 

Tina Banks, Robert Benson, Marie Burdett, Leslie Cushner, Curt Deal, Shayla Donaldson, Brandi Gaines, Brian Hendrix, Rhett Hickman, Steve Hurney, Michelle Lau, Debby Lee, Sharri Lindsey, Julie Morrison, Stephanie Neal, Maggie Roesel, William Sanford, Matt Sawhill, Judd Skinner, Russ Taulbee, Phillip Tremble and Chris Wiggins.


If you or your business is interested conducting a workplace employee campaign or making a personal gift, contact Carey Melton at the United Way office (912) 489-8475, or visit their website to make a onetime donation.