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Sylvania, Screven reports 8-2-11 - CARVER AVENUE - Two brown dogs came out of a yard
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Sylvania Police Arrests
Craig Wendell Stewart, 33, Newington Highway-possession of open alcohol container, probation violation.
Doye Cleven Thomas, Jr., 19, Fox Hunters Road-disorderly conduct, affray.
Christopher Cervantez Dixon, 36, Apple Court-probation violation.
Keonte S. Clark, 23, Robbins Street-affray.
Jonathan Travis Oliver, 29, Lovett Street-theft by shoplifting.
Ralph Edward Roberts, 50, Randall Street-theft by shoplifting.
Dwayne Hudson, Jr., 28, Argus Place-driving while license suspended or revoked/2nd or subsequent offense.
Artist Collins, 64, Ott Street-harassment/intimidation, public indecency, disorderly city ordinance, publilc drunkenness.
Tenika A. Blount, 22, North Elm Street-probation violation.
Raven K. Williams, 24, Brandon Lane-probation violation.

Sylvania Police Incidents
ROBBINS STREET-Two black males were reported fighting in the middle of the street, where two groups of people also had to be controlled because of arguing back and forth.
GARY'S MINI MART-Video footage was reported showing an offender taking beer products valued at $50. Another offender was reported taking a pack of crackers.
HIGHWAY 301-Patrol officers observed a white Pontiac swerving in both the south bound lane and turning lane. While in pursuit, the vehicle was paced at 65-70 mph in a 45 mph speed zone. While an officer tried to initiate a stop with lights and siren, the vehicle drove around another vehicle at a red light before pulling over and stating she was just listening to music and daydreaming and did not see the officer.
HIGHWAY 301-A reckless driver was stopped, with a smell of alcohol coming from the vehicle and person. When the driver refused all sobriety tests, she was arrested but later consented and tested negative, though her passenger had a cup of gin in her possession.
SCREVEN STREET-A credit card fraud was reported in an attempt to order a large flower arrangement.
FLORIDA AVENUE-Someone reported a man causing a disturbance. After being picked up and told to stay in his home, another call reported he was outside again wearing only his boxer shorts, yelling at residence nearby.

Screven Sheriff's Arrests
April Marie Sims, 32, Leola Road-hold for investigation.
Howard Conrad Auvil, II, 37, Buttermilk Road-theft by taking, criminal trespass.
Cynthia Marie McCall, 44, Railroad Street-bench warrant.
Kyle Allen Rollins, 24, Bascom Road-bench warrant.
Jerry Hunter, 57, Buttermilk Road-hold for investigation.
Horace Kittles, 63, Savannah Highway-murder.
Faren Monique Jackson, 25, Lawton Place Drive-bad check/deposit account fraud.
Jamie Lee Medlin, 20, Bradwell Road-bad check/deposit account fraud.
Michael Owen Reddick, 35, Bascom Road-DUI of alcohol over .08 grams.
Roy Antonio Cooper, 39, Murry Hill Road-open container, false statements and writings.
James Dillon Stevens, 18, Beardsville Road-battery-family violence.
John Marcus Stevens, 21, Johnson Grove Road-battery-family violence.
John Marcus Stevens, Sr., 46, Johnson Grove Road-battery-family violence, discharging firearm while U.I.
David Udell Stevens, 19, Farmdale Road-battery/simple battery-family violence.
Wendy Lytusha Walker, 24, Green Street (Statesboro)-court sentence.

Screven Sheriff's Incidents
SAVANNAH HIGHWAY-Two complainants reported they felt threatened by another family member's actions toward them.
STOOPTO ROAD-A complainant stated her brother became violent slapping her face and pushing her down.
SCREVEN COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE-Four inmates were caught fighting each other in the jail; the fight was quickly broken up.
BEAVER ROAD-A woman stated her gold ring with diamonds was missing.
TWIN OAKS ROAD-An unknown subject was reported removing copper and other metal from two abandoned trailers next to the complainant's property that the complainant was using for storage space.
MILLEN HIGHWAY-A woman reported her bank showed someone was trying to use her bank card to purchase seven door knobs. The purchase was traced to a man in California.
CARVER AVENUE-Two brown dogs came out of a yard and one bit the complainant on the right calf area, breaking the skin.
HALCYONDALE ROAD-After being out of town, a woman found items missing from her yard.
INDUSTRIAL BOULEVARD-A complainant stated his wife broke the windows out of his company truck.
FUEL AMERICA (Cooperville)-A man stated he fueled up his vehicle and left it in the parking lot. The next morning he found the fuel was missing.