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Sylvania, Screven incidents 5-31-11 -WHITEHALL ROAD-Someone placed a dead snake
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Sylvania Police incidents
SCREVEN COUNTY LIBRARY-A fight was reported in progress over an exchange of property.
MOCK STREET-A theft of a debit card and check book was reported.
CLARK AVENUE-An engine fire was reported.
SOUTH MAIN STREET-A woman reported her boyfriend left her at a gas station, then when she saw him as she walked home, he scratched her and bit her.
ROBBINS STREET-A complainant stated her house guest took $800 from her bedroom.
GEORGIA AVENUE-A suspicious person was reported coming from the complainant's back yard shed.
SOUTH MAIN STREET-A driver of a vehicle eluded a check point.
PLUM STREET-An intoxicated man was reported walking into the complainant's home and demanding to use the phone.
SINGLETON AVENUE-Siblings were reported arguing and becoming physical over an amount of borrowed money.
FRED'S-A customer said she received a counterfeit $20 from the store.
AVONDALE ROAD-A trailer was reported missing

Screven Sheriff's indidents
NEWINGTON HIGHWAY-A woman came home to find several things missing and her back door open.
STATESBORO HIGHWAY-A man stated his brother stole a piece of medical equipment from his home.
WHITEHALL ROAD-Someone placed a dead snake in a complainant's mailbox while out of town.
RACEHORSE ROAD-A victim and witness stated a male living in the same residence battered her with his fists and threatened her with a hammer.
EFFINGHAM HIGHWAY-A complainant said his elderly father attempted to hit him with a hammer at which time the complainant pushed him down on the bed to disarm him.
HALCYONDALE LOOP-A complainant stated an offender scratched him on the face with a set of car keys.
ACORN HILL ROAD-Someone reported two females in a verbal dispute.
MARY LANE-A complainant reported a possible child molestation.
CHURCH ROAD-A woman said her husband was missing.
INDUSTRIAL PARK ROAD-While at work, a woman said someone made threats to kill her.
NEWINGTON HIGHWAY-A woman reported her grandson fired her shotgun several times at what he thought was a prowler.
BRANNENS BRIDGE ROAD-Several mailboxes were reported damaged.
MIDDLEGROUND ROAD (Newington)-Someone went into a complainant's dog pen and took his Great Dane.
RED BREAST DRIVE-Several costume jewelry items were reported stolen.
NATSON LANE-A woman stated a man working on her pipes took items from her pump house.