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September 25 Screven County/Sylvania Police Reports
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Sylvania Police Arrests
* Yolanda Leeks, 33, Stockyard Road-Driving while license suspended/revoked/second offense or subsequent, failure to maintain insurance.
* Edward Lamar Carter, 65, Whistler Lane (Augusta)-Improper/erratic lane change, DUI of alcohol, possession of open alcohol container.

Sylvania Police Incidents
* WILDWOOD DRIVE-A man reported his gas weed eater and gas blower were stolen from his car port.
* EAST TELEPHONE STREET-A man reported a burglary at his home where $180 cash, a few watches, and a bracelet were stolen from a dresser drawer. A spoon was found lying next to the window, where it appeared to be used to pry open the window.
* EAST OGEECHEE STREET-Someone reported an ex-employee stealing funds off of a Comdata Fuel Card. Before quitting his job, the company issued the offender a fuel card loaded with $250. He was not heard from in some time, during which time he was drawing cash from the card.
* HIGHWAY 301-Noticing a driver over-compensating in a lane change, an officer made a traffic stop. When pulling over into Dreamland Motel, the offender missed the entrance and drove into the ditch and then into the parking lot.
* TANNER STREET-Someone reported their neighbor's dog coming onto his property and jumping and scratching his child.
* RAILROAD STREET-A woman reported loud noise coming from her neighbor's house.

Screven Sheriff's Arrests
* Carlton Edward Bunch, 31, Lakeview Road-Parole violation.
* Charles Lanore Austin, 37, Ardmore Oaky Road (Springfield)-Bad check/deposit account fraud.
* Tonya Maria Prescott, 25, Cail Street-Bench warrant.
* Alfred Anthony Woods, 20, Old Savannah Highway-No valid registration, no insurance, driving without a license, traffic light out.
* Tracey Renee Potter, 28, Church Street (Portal)-DUI/child endangerment, DUI/drugs, no insurance, possession of prescription drugs without label, suspended registration.
* Torrey Lajuane Black, 28, McKinley Street (Newington)-Theft by taking, aggravated assault, criminal trespass, public drunk.

Screven Sheriff's Incidents
* STATESBORO HIGHWAY-A verbal dispute between a man and a woman was reported, resulting in the man's packing up and leaving the residence.
* DOVER ROAD-A man said someone damaged a net made from PVC pipe on his property. Four-wheeler tracks were found nearby.
* DOVER ROAD-A man reported that he and his wife got into an argument over text messages on his phone. He said she got angry and began damaging things inside the house before she finally left.
* HILTONIA PERKINS ROAD-A man said someone broke into his house and stole a keyboard, dvd player, television, air compressor, and a bicycle exercise machine.
* MAYHAM ROAD-Someone scratched profanity into the door of a woman's car. They also scratched designs into the hood and passenger door, flattened the tires, and broke the tail lights.
* PEAT MOSS LOOP-A final writ of possession was ordered to retrieve equipment used by a company employee hired to do some work for a man. The employee left company equipment on the man's property when the man pulled a firearm on him. The equipment was not located after checking 3 different properties the man owns.
* STATESBORO HIGHWAY-An unknown person at someone's place of business was reported loading tires and rims onto a white truck. The Sheriff found several carts had missing tires and rims and found several machine generator motors with wires cut from the frames.
* SWING INN ROAD-A woman reported her vehicle was broken into. The vent window was broken to gain entry and her purse and car were ransacked with no items stolen.
* 4th AVENUE (Hiltonia)-A child's grandmother has been denying visitation to the child's mother for almost 6 months, the mother reported.
* JENK HILL ROAD-A car was reported broken into, and the offender stole a dash flat screen television with c.d. player, subwoofers, amplifiers, and c.d.'s.
* DOVER ROAD-A woman was reported going door-to-door asking for money.
* LONGLEAF DRIVE-A woman said someone broke into her house, stealing 2 flat screen televisions and 20 decorative pictures off the walls.
* AMI KIDS-Someone reported that several students were fighting, and the complainant felt a riot could start at any moment.
* EFFINGHAM HIGHWAY-A woman reported her husband was hitting her and throwing her child's belongings outside. He was also reported dragging her, cursing, and threatening her.