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September 25 Evans County/Claxton Police reports
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 Evans Sheriff's Arrests
* Kristopher Kyle Morgan, 24, Aruba Road North-Sale/distribution of a dangerous drug, possession of cocaine, possession of a schedule IV drug (xanax), possession of a schedule IV drug (buprenorphine), 2 counts of schedule II controlled substances (oxycodone, endocet), giving false information to officers, suspended/revoked license, DUI of drugs, failure to maintain lane.
* Michael Fountain, 26, North Broad Street-Probation warrant.
* Charles Terry Henderson, 53, Sunshine Avenue (Savannah)-Public drunk.
* Donald Eugene Smith, 51, --Forgery in the first degree.
* Lazaro Mendoza, 27, Claxton Avenue-Driving without a license.
* Lucas Daniel Ramirez, 37, Hamster Road-Driving without a license.

Evans Sheriff's Incidents
* ARUBA ROAD-Someone reported a loud noise of a revving engine.
* HIGHWAY 280 WEST-A group of men were said to be fighting in front of a residence.
* SHEPPARD AVENUE-Someone reported a burglary at this location.
* LEWIS KENNEDY ROAD-A man reported that when he drove up to his driveway he noticed his mule recreational vehicle was missing from under the carport. He also reported a missing chainsaw.
* CADDIE GREEN ROAD-A subject found walking down the road toward Highway 301 appeared to be intoxicated.
* ARCHIE MITCHELL ROAD-A woman stated that her stepfather came to her house driving a vehicle while he was drunk. She told him he could not stay because of her small children, and she did not want him to return to her residence. She said he hit her boyfriend's truck and left.
* OLD DUBLIN ROAD-A woman said someone was knocking on her door and would not leave even after her boyfriend told the person to.
* HIGHWAY 310-A man said that a driver ran him off the road, turned into the liquor store, and appeared to be intoxicated.
* OLD DUBLIN ROAD-A group of females were reported trying to start a fight.
* THE WAGON WHEEL-Someone s reported a car parked behind this location with the parking lights on and the engine running.
* BROAD STREET-Someone stated that a person was knocking on their door for the last 15 minutes.
* OLD HIGHWAY 250-A woman stated that another woman had sent her harassing text messages.
* HIGHWAY 301 NORTH-A child custody dispute began when a woman and her boyfriend broke up, verbally agreeing to share custody of their son for 2 weeks at a time. The woman said that her ex-boyfriend was trying to take her son and told her that when she came to get him for her 2 weeks, he was not going to let her take him.
* JACK STRICKLAND ROAD-A woman reported that a suspicious tall white male driving a two-toned beige and brown truck came to her residence trying to sell a pump.
* HIGHWAY 301 NORTH-A domestic dispute was reported, verbal at the time, but was said to be physical the day before. No weapons were reported.
* CEDAR CREEK ROAD-A man reported furniture stolen out of his house.
* HIGHWAY 301 NORTH-Someone reported an unwanted subject sitting under a tree in their yard.
* HILLSIDE DRIVE-A man reported that someone parked his vehicle, went into the woods behind the dumpsters, and has been in there a while. When deputies found the suspicious man, he said he went into the woods for personal business.
* OLD SAVANNAH HIGHWAY-A woman said that another female slashed her tires.
* ROGER ROAD-A man stated that a person was putting things on his property and stealing things. The complainant said he knew the man was a convicted felon and has a gun.
* GEORGIA GRILL-Someone report ed a fight at this location then hung up.
* BRANCH CHURCH ROAD-A woman said her ex-husband's wife was outside banging on the door threatening to beat her up.
* ARUBA ROAD-A woman stated that her landlord keyed her vehicle and that he was still there at her house.

Claxton Police Arrests
* Donald Eugene Smith, 51, Peachtree Street Northeast-Forgery in the 1st degree.
* Marilyn Byrd, 33, Pembroke-Theft by shoplifting.
* Laquane Antonio Young, 35, Miller Street (Hazelhurst)-Theft by conversion.
* Eric A. Brinson, 34, Lucky Street (Metter)-DUI.
* Shannon Lee Weaver, 27, Jim Cannon Road (Collins)-Driving on wrong side of roadway, open container, DUI.

Claxton Police Incidents
* CLAXTON HIGH SCHOOL-A cell phone was reported stolen from the career center at the school.
* CHURCH STREET & BROAD STREET-A black male was reported running down the street with a gun and was reported having an altercation with a girl.
* WEST MAIN STREET-Two black males and 1 white male were reported taking items out of a camper. Subjects were reported leaving the property in a black Chevy truck with a television, dvd player, microwave, dvd's, clothes, and food.
* NEWTON STREET-While on patrol, police noticed the window of a vehicle broken out at this location.
* CHURCH STREET-A car was reported as being loaned to the complainant's son for him to use for work, but he never came back with the car. The car was later found on Church St.
* FRED'S-A woman was reported stealing 4 bags of Royal Crown charcoal with a total value of $15.09.
* MILLER STREET (Hazelhurst)-A man was reported obtaining 1 Toshiba 52" television and a 42" LCD television, valued at almost $2,000 each, and an X-Box 360, valued at $630 from Claxton Rentown. He was then reported pawning them to different pawn shops in Metter and Hinesville.
* WEST JAMES STREET, JET-Two different incidents of car break-ins were reported.
* CLYDE'S, BP-Enterprise newspaper stands were reported broken into with the money and papers stolen and the machine damaged.
* MAIN STREET-A hit and run was reported.
* PRIME SOURCE, QUALITY TIRE, CLAXTON FLORIST, COMPLETE CAR CARE-Different reports were made that car windows were broken out at these locations.
* CLAXTON BANK-Someone was reported trying to cash a forged check.
* ROLLING OAKS II-A woman said her son was causing her problems.
* NEW DRIVE-A woman reported fraudulent use of her debit card on
* HIGHWAY 129 SOUTH-Someone reported that drivers were drag racing up and down the road.