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Screven, Sylvania police reports - A woman reported another vehicle being aggressive with her
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     Sylvania Police Arrests
    Tarrence Lamonz Turner, 28, Peachtree Circle—probation violation.
    Cordarylro Lamar Warren, 22, East Lloyd Street (Pensicola, FL)—possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, possession of controlled substance or marijuana with intent, drugs to be kept in original container.
    Chaz J. Burgest, 21, 4th Avenue-- possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, possession of controlled substance or marijuana with intent, drugs to be kept in original container.
    Anthony Jamahl Bassett, 24, Pensicola, FL—failure to signal/improper signal, failure to maintain lane, driving under influence/drugs, possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, possession of controlled substance or marijuana with intent, drugs to be kept in original container.
    Kathy Lanette Williams, 37, Waynesboro Highway—driving without license-failure to obtain in 30 days.
    Rickey Andrea Arnett, 42, Carver Road—driving while license suspended/revoked/2nd or subsequent offense.
    Artist Collins, 64, Ott Street—disorderly conduct, public drunkenness.
    Tyler William Koontz, 25, Crepe Myrtle Lane (Port Orange, FL)—obstructing traffic/failure to yield, DUI alcohol.
    Jonathan Travis Oliver, 29, Lovett Street—court sentence/jail time.
    Jeremy Nechonge Roberts, 22, Bay Street—failure to appear for probation violation.

 Sylvania Police  Incidents
    WEST MAIN STREET—Several bags of pills and marijuana were found during a vehicle traffic stop.
    THOMPSON STREET—A woman reported damage done to her vehicle.

Screven Sheriff's Arrests
    Robert Lee McCann, 40, Red Breast Road—DUI of alcohol over .08 grams.
    George Justin Cail, 28, Bobcat Road—bench warrant.
    Jacqueline M. Veit, 27, Waterton Circle (Bluffton, SC)—driving while license suspended/revoked, speeding.
    Yolonda Leeks, 33, Stock Yard Road—bench warrant.
    Kenneth Marquel Booze, 24, Foxhunter Road—court sentence.
    Chris J. Gregory, 23, Statesboro Highway—criminal trespass.
    James Thomas Sowell, 20, Bascom Road—hold for investigation.
    Yolanda Cheryl Reason, 30, Waters Grove Road—DUI of alcohol.
    Charles Dale Henderson, 28, Montclair Avenue (Goosecreek, SC)—obstruction of officer, criminal trespass.
    Carlos Deandre Wilson, 34, Sandhill Lane—court sentence.
    Daniel Lee Muns, 42, Ellison Bridge Road (Sardis)—court sentence.
    David Alexander Mock, 53, Wiseman Road—DUI of alcohol.
    Tyler William Koontz, 25, Crepe Murtle Lane—DUI of alcohol.
    Daniel Olin Waters, 53, McDonald Church Road—probation violation.
    Brandy Lane Brantley, 38, Greenland Road (Blythe)—criminal trespass, theft by taking.
    Jennifer Regan Powell, 28, Greenland Road (Blythe)—criminal trespass, criminal attempt.

Screven Sheriff's Incidents
    HIGHWAY 24—A woman reported another vehicle being aggressive with her on the highway.
    PEOPLES FARM ROAD—Someone was reported stealing jumper cables and a fuel pump from the complainant’s farm.
    STATESBORO HIGHWAY—A complainant reported a family dispute.
    BOAD LANDING at BLUE SPRINGS—A complainant reported someone sideswiped her car while parked at this location.
    DRY BRANCH ROAD—A complainant said two different bullets struck a tree in his yard while he was cutting grass.
    GILGAL ROAD—A woman reported juveniles taking her vehicle without permission.
    VICTORY DRIVE—A woman reported an intruder in her home.
    PEAT MOSS LANE—A man reported someone trespassing and damaging his property.
    STATESBORO HIGHWAY—A man reported his welder missing from his barn.
    STATESBORO HIGHWAY—A subject fled from custody for the second time but was apprehended close to the scene.
    MILLHAVEN PLANTATION—A man reported the burglary of scrap metal from his residence in progress.
    SCARBORO HIGHWAY—A man said someone broke into his vehicle and stole a DVD player, monitor, remote, and GPS system.
    BASCOM ROAD—A man said his back door was kicked in and washer and dryer were stolen.
    CAPTOLA ROAD—A complainant stated a grill was taken from church property.
    PECAN GROVE ROAD—A man reported damage done to his vehicle.
    HIGHWAY 73—A driver was reported being aggressive on the road.
    HILLCREST DRIVE—A complainant reported his heating and air conditioning unit was stolen out of his yard.
    BENJI DRIVE—A property dispute was reported.
    PECAN GROVE ROAD—A complainant stated someone broke in and stole his diamond bracelet.
    SHADY LANE ROAD—A woman reported windows in a neighboring residence were broken out.
    BUCK ROAD—A complainant reported a child custody interference.
    HUCKLEBERRY ROAD—A complainant reported a renter leaving damage to his property.
    WAYNESBORO HIGHWAY—Someone was reported stealing $800 from his vehicle.
    BUTTERMILK ROAD—Someone paid for 105 cows with bad checks.
    HALCYONDALE ROAD—A man reported receiving harassing phone calls including profanity and verbal threats.
    PECAN GROVE ROAD—A domestic dispute was reported over jewelry.
    WINCHESTER ROAD—A verbal dispute was reported.
    SANDHILL LANE—A fight ensued between two males and a female.
    JOE LEWIS CLUB—A male was reported being punched in the eye.
    JENKHILL ROAD—A man said his mailbox was damaged.
    WESTVIEW APARTMENTS—A woman said her brother took her car.
    EFFINGHAM HIGHWAY—A grill was stolen off a man’s property.
    FRIENDSHIP ROAD—A woman said she paid a man to put up security cameras, but he left with her money without finishing the job.
    TWIN OAKS ROAD—A woman said someone stole a shotgun from her bedroom.
    MAIN STREET (Rocky Ford)—Someone was reported stealing a prescription bottle of Aderall from the complainant’s vehicle.
    ROUGHRIDER ROAD—A man said someone stole the battery out of his vehicle.