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Police report, 5/25/22
Complainant said he parked his John Deere motor grader off the road and when he returned, graffiti was spray painted on the vehicle. He said he was able to remove the graffiti, but he wanted a report.
police report

Note: Arrest and incident information, collected from various agencies, are public records available for review at the respective local law enforcement and public safety agencies. Not every arrest leads to a conviction. Guilt or innocence is determined by the court system.




Bulloch County Sheriff’s Office

KENDRICKS ROAD – Complainant said his wife has a temporary restraining order against him so he can’t go home. He said a neighbor told him that his wife opened a letter addressed to him that was a notice of a court appearance. He said that was a violation of the order. The case is under investigation.

HIGHWAY 24 – Complainants said that the son of the female complainant was abusive to her both physically and mentally when she lived in Screven County. She said he threatened her if she did not give him money or buy a truck for him. She has since moved to Bulloch County and her son went to her home and started banging on her door and yelling at her to let him in. He later wrecked a truck she let him drive and was arrested. The complainants said they both want the son served with a criminal trespass, which was delivered in the Bulloch County Jail.

IVANHOE JUNCTION – Complainant said he parked his John Deere motor grader off the road and when he returned, graffiti was spray painted on the vehicle. He said he was able to remove the graffiti, but he wanted a report.

LOCKETT DRIVE – Complainant said she was moving out of her residence and went to retrieve some items she had stored in a shed. She said her 65-inche Sony television was missing. She said she called family members, but they all said they did not have it. The shed was unsecured and there was no forced entry. Complainant said she did not have the serial number for the TV and would not be able to get one. The case was made inactive due to no leads or suspects.

BURKHALTER ROAD – Complainant said someone stole a firearm from his home. Case was turned over to the Criminal Investigations Unit.

COUNTRY CLUB ROAD – In response to a report of a suspicious incident, the listed offender and complainant said he was jumped by his girlfriend’s ex-husband and his friend. He said he was at a store when the listed victim and a friend pulled into the store parking lot, jumped out of the vehicle and attempted to attack the complainant twice with a knife. He said his girlfriend then pepper sprayed the ex-husband before driving away. In reviewing the video of the incident, it showed the complainant exit his vehicle after seeing the ex-husband and friend show up. He walked from his vehicle while saying something and the surveillance shows the complainant as the primary aggressor. He was seen fighting with the two men and there was no knife visible. The video shows the two men walking away when the complainant tries to confront them again. It was then the ex-husband gets pepper sprayed in the face by one of the occupants inside the vehicle. When questioned about the video, the complainant changed his story twice by stating it was possibly not a knife, but something that could “poke me,” and his girlfriend wasn’t the one who pepper sprayed, he was the one who sprayed the ex-husband with pepper spray. The listed victims were not on the scene, so no charges were filed.

YORKTOWN PLACE – Complainant said the two back windows of her duplex residence were bent upwards and it appeared someone tried to enter the residence. The duplex owner was contacted and informed of the situation.

LANIER ROAD – Complainant said that for the past five years, someone has periodically driven by and thrown a bag of human feces on his driveway. He does not know who could be doing it.

MILLER ST. EXTENSION – Complainant said when he returned from vacation, someone had taken the catalytic converter from his 2017 Dodge Ram truck. He does not know who would have taken it.

CYPRESS LAKE MHP – Complainant said she is being harassed by her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend. She said the ex-girlfriend came to her house and dumped garbage on her boyfriend’s car. She also said the ex-girlfriend tried to run her the road in her car. Attempts to reach the ex-girlfriend to serve her a criminal trespass warning have been unsuccessful.

TWO CHOP ROAD – Complainant said an unknown person to him has been calling and texting him with threats. He said a man told him that the complainant stole his earnings.

JOSH DEAL ROAD – Complainant said she was divorced in 2018. Her ex-husband said he want to retrieve some items from her home he said were his parents. He was advised of the Magistrate Court process. Complainant said he got some items but she didn’t want him to come back and get anymore and called law enforcement. She asked that her ex-husband be served with a criminal trespass warning, which he was.



Law Enforcement 

Brooklet Police Department – Two calls Monday.

Bulloch County Sheriff’s Office – 23 calls Monday.

Candler County Sheriff’s Office – 14 calls Monday.

Evans County Sheriff’s Office – Three calls Monday.

Georgia State Patrol Post 45 – Four calls Monday.

Metter Police Department – Seven calls Monday.

Statesboro Police Department – 27 calls Monday.


Fire Departments 

Bulloch County Fire Department – Five calls Monday.

Claxton Fire Department – One call Monday.

Evans County Fire Department – One call Monday.

Metter Fire Department – Four calls Monday.

Statesboro Fire Department – Three calls Monday.


Emergency Medical Service 

Bulloch County EMS – Two accident calls, one rescue and 26 medical calls Monday.

Candler County EMS – 13 medical calls Monday.

Evans County EMS – Six medical calls Monday.


Other Agencies 

911 hang-ups – 46 calls Monday.

Bulloch County Animal Services – Three calls Monday.

Bryan County 911 – Two calls Monday.

Emanuel County 911 – One call Monday.

Bulloch County Correctional Institute – Three calls Monday.

Jenkins County 911 – One call Monday.

Tattnall County 911 – One call Monday.

Animal Control Candler – One call Monday

Animal Control Evans – One call Monday.

Griffin Police Department – One call Monday.

Columbus (Ga.) 911 – One call Monday.

Language Line – One call Monday.


— compiled by Jim Healy