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Police report, 5/13/22
Complainant said his 2006 Honda 4 TRX four wheeler was taken from his storage shed. He said the shed was locked and there was no damage indicating a break-in of the shed. He gave the VIN number and the four wheeler was entered as stolen.
police report

Note: Arrest and incident information, collected from various agencies, are public records available for review at the respective local law enforcement and public safety agencies. Not every arrest leads to a conviction. Guilt or innocence is determined by the court system.





Bulloch County Sheriff’s Office

LANGSTON CHAPEL ROAD – After stopping a vehicle for running a stop sign, the odor of marijuana was coming from the vehicle. The driver said he had a small amount of marijuana in the vehicle. Upon searching the vehicle, a small amount of what appeared to be marijuana was found in the back seat. A Georgia State Patrol trooper arrived on the scene and conducted a field sobriety test on the driver and he was arrested for DUI.

YORKTOWN PLACE – Complainant said a man was cutting his grass when a rock was flung into one of her vehicle windows, breaking it. The man said he believed it was heat that broke the window, not the rock. It was noted it was not very hot outside. Complainant said she was outside speaking with a friend when the incident occurred and they both saw the rock hit the window. While deputy was there, the complainant found a rock about the size of a golf ball under her passenger seat.

CLITO ROAD – Complainant said she was driving her husband’s truck when an object broke the rear window on the truck. The object was thrown from a lawn mower cutting the grass of a business along the road. She said one of the workers with the lawn service company said the mower was working without a guard in place and told her to contact the owner of the lawn service company. The owner could not be reached and the complainant was advised of remedies.

JOHNNY WHITE ROAD – Complainant said he is an employee of an electric service company and was reading the meter of a customer. He said the owner of the house came outside and told him he had to leave. Complainant said he told the owner he would leave as soon as he was finished, he said the owner went back inside and came back out with a firearm. He said the resident fired a shot in the air as complainant was leaving. The resident said the employee did not adequately identify himself or notify him he would come on his property. The complainant was advised of the Magistrate Court process if he wanted to pursue a warrant.

AUTUMN AVE. – Complainant said someone was trying to use his identity to buy a car. He said he received two calls from separate banks about someone with his identity trying to buy a Mercedes-Benz E-Class vehicle. He said he froze all his accounts and credit until the issue could be resolved.

ASHLEY LANE – Complainant said she pulled into a station with a flat tire. While in the process of changing the tire, they noticed a hole in the rim that looked like a bullet hole. Complainant said she did not hear a gunshot while driving. Deputy witness a large hole in the tire and a hole about one inch in diameter in the rim. The complainant requested a report for documentation.

LAWRENCE CHURCH ROAD – Complainant said she saw two children take a package from her mailbox and run to the house next door when she came outside. She said she had no video evidence. Upon speaking with the neighbors, they said their son was out fishing and had been for the past few hours. The neighbors were advised of the Magistrate Court process if they wanted to get a warrant for harassment.

BELL ROAD – Complainant said his 2006 Honda 4 TRX four wheeler was taken from his storage shed. He said the shed was locked and there was no damage indicating a break-in of the shed. He gave the VIN number and the four wheeler was entered as stolen.

A.J. RIGGS ROAD – The owner of an at-fault vehicle in a crash was cited for permitting an unlicensed driver operate the vehicle. The juvenile driver also was issued two citations and the case was turned over to the Department of Juvenile Justice.

McELVEEN POND ROAD – Complainant said a dog came in through her doggy door into her house. She said when she tried to remove the dog, the dog bit her. Bite marks were visible on both sides of her hand. She was able to secure the dog and she called animal control, who told her they would take the dog back to its residence when they arrived. Complainant said she did not know where the dog lived but had contacted the owners, who were out of town on vacation. The owner asked the dog be out back in his pan at their home.


Bulloch County Fire Department

(Incident calls May 5-12)

▲ Portal – Four fire alarm calls; one medical call; five medical response calls; two rescue calls; three structure fires.

▲ Register – One fire alarm call; two structure fires.

▲ Nevils – Two structure fires; one brush/grass fire call; one entrapment; one vehicle fire.

▲ Bay – One structure fire; one vehicle fire.

▲ Stilson – Two structure fires; two brush/grass fire calls; two woods fire calls.

▲ Brooklet – Five medical response calls; three woods fire calls; three brush/grass fire calls; three structure fires; one woods fire; two fire alarm calls; one entrapment; one vehicle fire; one miscellaneous fire call.

▲ Leefield – One fire alarm call; one structure fire; one woods fire call.

▲ Clito – One structure fire.



Law Enforcement 

Bulloch County Sheriff’s Office – 25 calls Wednesday.

Candler County Sheriff’s Office – Six calls Wednesday.

Evans County Sheriff’s Office – Two calls Wednesday.

Georgia State Patrol Post 45 – Three calls Wednesday.

Metter Police Department – Five calls Wednesday.

Portal Police Department – Two calls Wednesday.

Statesboro Police Department – 25 calls Wednesday.


Fire Departments 

Bulloch County Fire Department – 12 calls Wednesday.

Metter Fire Department –Two calls Wednesday.

Statesboro Fire Department – Three calls Wednesday.


Emergency Medical Service 

Bulloch County EMS – Three accident calls, one fire call, one first responder call and 31 medical calls Wednesday.

Candler County EMS – One coroner call and 10 medical calls Wednesday.

Evans County EMS – Five medical calls Wednesday.


Other Agencies 

911 hang-ups – 33 calls Wednesday.

Bryan County 911 – One call Wednesday.

Emanuel County 911– One call Wednesday.

Candler County Hospital – One call Wednesday

Burke County 911 – One call Wednesday.


— compiled by Jim Healy