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Police Report 5-18-11 - DAWN DRIVE A woman said her exhusband caused a disturbance
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    Note: All information included in this report is taken from law enforcement incident reports and arrest records, which are public records and available for review at any and all local law enforcement agencies. Not every arrest leads to a conviction. Guilt or innocence is determined by the court system.

    Arrests will be published Thursday.
    Incidents will be published Thursday.
    John Frederick Wigand, 26, Beasley Road – probation violation.
    RIVER RETREAT – (Statesboro) A juvenile took nine Zolpidem pills, drank some Parrot Bay Rum, and passed out. He was taken to the hospital for treatment and then to the sheriff’s office for arrest.
    COLQUITT LANE – (Statesboro) A woman said someone used her identity to file a tax return.
    DAWN DRIVE – (Statesboro) A woman called deputies after her ex–husband caused a disturbance at her home. She said he does this often. He was not on the scene when deputies arrived.
    BUIE–DRIGGERS ROAD – (Brooklet) A man reported the theft of a Ford tractor.
    PLEASANT HILL CHURCH ROAD – (Ellabell) A man said another man stopped in front of his house and yelled at him three times, cursing. He said the man is still mad over an incident that took place a year ago when the offender was stuck in the ditch and the complainant did not pull him out.
    RIVER CREST SUBDIVISION – (Ellabell) A man reported a burglary, but said nothing had been taken.
    GRIMSHAW LANE – (Brooklet) Someone  kicked in a door to a shed, taking nothing.
    SWALLOWTAIL Drive – (Statesboro) A woman reported an aqua Beach Cruiser bike stolen.
    EAGLE BRANCH MOBILE HOME PARK – (Register) A man allowed another man, who he only knew by first name, to borrow his car. When the man did not return the car, he called deputies. Deputies contacted the offender, “Travis,” by cell phone, but the connection went dead and deputies could not recover the call.
    DEALWOOD ROAD – (Clito) Deputies responded to a reported domestic dispute.

    DUI arrests –  Sabrina Nielsen, 42, Ellabell – DUI (refused test).
    Christopher Lamar Smith, 22, Montego Way – DUI (.162).
    David Lee Little, 24, Kennesaw – DUI (.193).
    Kailey Suzanne Barwick, 20, no address available – DUI uner 21 (.137).
    Seatbelt citations –  two.
    Child restraint citations – none.
    Speeding citations – 17.
    Total citations – 47.
    Crashes investigated – eight.
    Fatalities reported – none.
    Total vehicle stops – 49.
    Seat belt warnings –  three.
    Child restraint warnings – none.
    Speeding warnings – nine.
    Total warnings – 45 .
    Wanted persons apprehended –  none.
    Stolen vehicles recovered – none.
    Road checks performed  – 10.
    Motorists assisted – one.
    Miles patrolled –  2,108.

    Officers issued two traffic citations Sunday and one Monday.
    Rodney Rachez Mays, 17, Peachtree Street – theft by taking.
    Sean Thomaas Juergens, 20, Red Bluff Circle, Rincon – underage possession/consumption of alcohol.
     LANDUM CENTER – Someone reported receiving a counterfeit ten dollar bill.
    FRIDAY – Officers issued one traffic warning, assisted eight motorists, assisted one sick person and responded to one alarm.
    SATURDAY – Officers issued two traffic warnings, assisted three motorists and assisted two sick persons.
    SUNDAY – Officers issued two traffic citations, three traffic warnings, assisted one motorist and responded to one alarm.
    MONDAY – Officers issued one traffic citation, assisted five motorists and responded to one fire alarm at the RAC.
Law Enforcement Reports
    Central 911 Dispatchers issued the following calls Friday– Monday:
    Bulloch County Sheriff’s Department/Friday  – 21 calls.
    Bulloch County Sheriff’s Department/Saturday  – 16 calls.
    Bulloch County Sheriff’s Department/Sunday  – eight  calls.
    Bulloch County Sheriff’s Department/Monday  –  16 calls.
    Statesboro Police Department/Friday – 33 calls.
    Statesboro Police Department/Saturday – 34 calls.
    Statesboro  Police Department/Sunday – 23 calls.
    Statesboro  Police Department/Monday – 15 calls.
    Georgia Southern University Police/Friday – one call.
    Georgia Southern University Police/Saturday – one call.
    Georgia Southern University Police/Sunday – one call.
    Georgia Southern University Police/Monday – no calls.
    Georgia State Patrol/Friday – six calls.
    Georgia State Patrol/Saturday  — four calls.
    Georgia State Patrol/Sunday – four calls.
    Georgia State Patrol/Monday – four calls.
    Candler County Sheriff’s Department/Friday – 13 calls.
    Candler County Sheriff’s Department/Saturday  – nine  calls.
    Candler County Sheriff’s Department/Sunday – 10 calls.
    Candler County Sheriff’s Department/Monday –    calls.
    Evans County Sheriff’s Department/Friday – one call.
    Evans County Sheriff’s Department/Saturday – four calls.
    Evans County Sheriff’s Department/Sunday – four calls.
    Evans County Sheriff’s Department/Monday – no calls.
    Claxton Police Department /Friday – one  call.
    Claxton Police Department/Saturday  – four  calls.
    Claxton Police Department/Sunday  – no calls.
    Claxton Police Department/Monday  – one call.
    Brooklet Police Department/Saturday –  one call.

Fire Department Reports
    Central 911 dispatchers issued the following calls Friday – Monday:
    Statesboro Fire Department/Friday – four calls.
    Statesboro Fire Department/Saturday – three calls.
    Statesboro Fire Department/Sunday – two calls.
    Statesboro Fire Department/Monday – three calls.
    Bulloch County Volunteer Firefighters/Friday – three calls.
    Bulloch County Volunteer Firefighters/Saturday – one call.
    Bulloch County Volunteer Firefighters/Sunday – two calls.
    Bulloch County Volunteer Firefighters/Monday – two calls.
     Metter Fire Department/Friday – two calls.
    Metter Fire Department/Saturday – two calls.
    Metter Fire Department/Sunday – no calls.
    Metter Fire Department/Moday – two calls.

Emergency Medical Service Reports
    Central 911 dispatchers issued the following calls Friday – Monday:
    Bulloch County EMS/Friday  – two accident calls and 12 medical calls.
    Bulloch County EMS/Saturday – two accident calls, one fire call and 17 medical calls.
    Bulloch County EMS/Sunday – one accident call and nine medical calls.
    Bulloch County EMS/Monday – one accident call and 19 medical calls.
    Candler County EMS/Friday – one fire call and one medical calls.
    Candler County EMS/Saturday– six  medical calls.
    Candler County EMS/Sunday – two medical calls.
    Candler County EMS/Monday – two accident calls and five medical calls.
    Evans County EMS/Friday  –   four medical calls.
    Evans County EMS/Saturday – three medical calls.
    Evans County EMS/Sunday – three medical calls.
    Evans County EMS/Monday – four medical calls.
    Central  911 dispatchers also routed the following calls Friday – two calls to Bulloch County First Responders, two calls to Georgia Forestry/Bulloch and five miscellaneous calls.
    Central 911 dispatchers also routed the following calls Saturday – a call to Air Evac Transport, five calls to Bulloch County First Responders, and two calls to Effingham County 911.
    Central  911 dispatchers also routed the following calls Sunday –  four calls to Bulloch County First Responders and four miscellaneous calls.
    Central  911 dispatchers also routed the following calls Monday –  three calls to Bulloch County First Responders and a call to Bulloch Humane Enforcement.

—Compiled by Holli Deal Bragg