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October 30 -- Sylvania, Screven police reports
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Sylvania Police Arrests
    * Fanta Lashie Gibbons, 33, Victory Drive—Forgery.
    * Christopher Ross Nasworthy, 28, Johnson Drive—Improper/erratic lane change, DUI of alcohol.
    * Noah Quinn Pope, 17, Kimwood Drive—DUI of marijuana.
    * Jessica Nicole Oliver, 21, Buttermilk Road—Court sentence/jail time.
    * Denise Lashelle Maloyd, 21, Lovers Lane (Waynesboro)—Court sentence/jail time.
    * Dennis Thomas Rash, Jr., 29, Singleton Avenue—Battery, terroristic threats and acts.
    * Brandon Lee Walker, 21, First Street—Battery (domestic violence).
    * Reginald P. Jones, 39, Friendship Road—Probation violation.

Sylvania Police Incidents
    * EAST OGEECHEE STREET—A break-in was reported where two inside office doors had their windows broken out.
    * HOLLY ROAD—A complainant reported that someone entered his vehicle taking a Ruger .380 automatic, Garmin GPS, and $28 in cash.
    * NORTH MAIN STREET—A complainant said while she was at work, someone forced her driver side window down and removed a Tom Tom GPS from between the seats.
    * HOLLY ROAD—A man said someone entered his vehicle through an unlocked door and removed $37 cash from his wallet.

Screven Sheriff’s Arrests
    * Chris Roberson, 22, Old River Road—Bad check/deposit account fraud.
    * Michael Lee Howard, 31, Obstruction of officer.
    * Ahmad Demetrious Williams, 21, C. Street—Possession of controlled substance with intent.
    * Lawrence Tolbert, 52, Cab Road—Simple battery.
    * Valentine Rodriguez, 28, Longleaf Drive—Restraint violation, open container, driving without a license, possession of prescription drug without label.
    * Christopher Nasworthy, 28, Johnson Drive—Public drunk.
    * Joshua Terrell Youmans, 21, Mallory Street—Reckless driving.

Screven Sheriff’s Incidents
    * OLD RIVER ROAD—An AMI Kids student was reported acting disorderly toward other students and staff.
    * HIGHWAY 301 SOUTH—During a license check, a man told officers he did not have a valid license in Georgia or any other U.S. state but did have a license through Mexico.
    * SAWGRASS ROAD—An unknown person entered a man’s residence and removed a 52” television, a Playstation 3, a dvd player, a direct t.v. receiver, and a power distribution hub.
    * BEST BRIDGE ROAD—An unknown person used a man’s debit car without his authorization at “Famous Dave’s” in Illinois in the amount of $73.92.
    * OLIVER HIGHWAY (Newington)—A complainant said someone removed his tag decal from his vehicle.
    * BEULAH ROAD—A woman said her spouse obtained her debit card with the pin when it came in the mail without her knowledge. She said he used it in at least 27 different instances without her permission, although, on some occasions, she does allow the use of her card but is certain about the 27 times she did not allow access to her account. When they got into an argument about it, he said he had a bullet for both her and her canine.
    * BEULAH ROAD—Someone came into a man’s yard and stole 18 hens, valued at $50 each.
    * WESTVIEW III APARTMENTS—A woman reported that someone wrote “F--- Up” with black marker on the hood of her car.
    * COUNTRY CLUB ROAD—A man reported that someone who had a relationship with his wife was driving by his house harassing him.
    * WATERS GROVE ROAD—A man said someone in a red truck entered his fenced in yard and cut circles in his grass then drove off. He believed the offender to be someone he has had an on-going dispute with.
    * LAWTON ROAD—A woman reported her ex-boyfriend making contact with her around town then following her in her vehicle and running her off the road.
    * LUCAS STREET (Newington)—A handicapped decal/permit was found missing from someone’s glove box.
     * WINCHESTER ROAD—Someone reported a physical altercation over one subject going to see his son.
    * WESTVIEW I PARKING LOT—A complainant said a woman called her and threatened her. They later began a physical altercation over a guy when the offender hit the complainant several times, pulled her hair out, and kicked her in the face.
    * BEAVER CREEK DRIVE—Someone was reported coming onto a man’s property and attempting to take gas out of his vehicle.
    * LOBLOLLY COURT Deputies noticed a fire on a man’s property that he was unaware of. His son was able to put out the fire, which was believed to begin from a neighbor burning limbs.
    * HIGHWAY 301—A driver pulled over for a seatbelt violation offered deputies a fake license, and when asked if he had anything illegal in the vehicle, he said he had an open bottle of liquor under the seat. Two open containers of alcohol were found during a search and two pills found on his person.