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January 22 - Statesboro Police Arrests Shanekia Priscilla Hagins, 27, North Trapnell Street, Metter
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    Note: All information included in this report is taken from law enforcement incident reports and arrest records, which are public records and available for review at any and all local law enforcement agencies. Not every arrest leads to a conviction. Guilt or innocence is determined by the court system.

Statesboro Police Arrests
    Shanekia Priscilla Hagins, 27, North Trapnell Street, Metter – first degree forgery.
    Lakecia Renee Jackson, 22, Johnson Street – theft by shoplifting.
    Dale Lewis Byrd, 26, Mincey Street – wanted person.
    Tredeskkus Samon Porter, 27, Pretoria Rushing Road – wanted person.
    Janina Denise Jones, 28, Broad Street – second degree cruelty to children,

Bulloch Sheriff's Arrests
    Arrests made Wednesday and Thursday will be published Saturday.

Georgia State Patrol Arrests
(Note: reports did not list specific street addresses of those arrested  between Jan. 8 and Jan. 18.
    Justin Kelley   Grimes, 33, Atlanta – DUI (.177).
    Judy Lynn   Ginter,  50,  Savannah – DUI ( .241).
    Lashana D. Luckey-Oneal,   26,  city unspecified,   South Carolina – DUI ( .167).
    Charles Edwin Woodcock, 61,  Ellabell – DUI ( .125).
    Cale Jesse Butler,  25,  Pembroke – DUI (.177)
    Christopher M. Fogarty   Jr.,  21, Savannah -  DUI ( .106).
    James William Perry  III,  21, Savannah – DUI (refused test).
    Lenardo Levette McMillar,  43, Savannah – DUI (refused test).
    Isaiah J. Escamilla, 24,  city unspecified, South Carolina – DUI (refused test).
    Adam John Lindsey, 29, Savannah – DUI ( .106).
    Anh Dao Ngoc Nguyen,  22,  Savannah – DUI ( .104).
    Jose Antonio Mejia, 32, city unspecified,  South Carolina – DUI (refused test).
    Richard Joseph McCoy,  29, city unspecified, Fla. – DUI  (  .158).
    Vickie Ann Smith,  51,  Sycamore -  DUI ( .179).
    Brian James Nunan -  24,  Hinesville – DUI ( .086).
    Delmer A. Marcie,  47,  Savannah – DUI ( .083).
    Lyesha J. Gaines, 29, Savannah – DUI (.081).
    Stephanie Rene Kern, 24, city unspecified,  Florida – DUI (refused test).
    Thomas David Egberts,  20,  Albany – DUI under  21  ( .047).

    Daniel Keith  Polk,  20, Garden City – DUI  under 21 (.111).
    Hendley Ross Holleman,  22,  Milledgeville – DUI (.113).
    Joseph Lenwood   Burke, 33, Sylvania  - DUI (.147).
    Ryan Blake Gray, 21,  Newton – DUI (.103).
Rodney Shawn McDougal,  22, Calhoun – DUI (.133).
    Joshua Jackson Jones, 29, Wilburn Circle – DUI (.195).
    Madison W. Southerlin,  19, Lawrenceville – DUI  under 21 (.239).
    Ashley Corinne Webb, 25, Waynesville – DUI  .144).
    Megan Elyse Lansing, 22, Savannah  - DUI ( .159).
    Dolford Franklin Payne,  23,  Landings Parkway – DUI (refused test).
    Arrion Chavez  Lanier, 20,  Statesboro – DUI  under 21 (refused test).
    Cynthia Zita Page,  65, Taylor Court – DUI ( .167).
    Mckenzie Tara Bree, 24, Sweetheart Lane – DUI (172)
    Willie Lee  Ginn, 64, Savannah – DUI (.131).
    Cynthia Carol Smith,  45,  Hagan – DUI (  .143).
    Brandi Michelle Daugherty, 27, Ga. 24 – DUI (.155).
    Etris Jermaine Snow, 37, Pooler – DUI (.132).
    Erica Lavanice Foster, 39, Savannah – DUI (.125)
    Caron  Micheline,  66, Quebec, Canada – DUI (refused test).
    Will Dallavares Dunbar, 29, Savannah  - DUI (refused test.)
    John Chandler Noah,  21,  Athens – DUI ( .103).
    Lewis Albright, 70,  Savannah  - DUI ( .155).
    Philip Michael Gralow, 28, Savannah – DUI (refused test.)
    Emily Kinloch   Heausier, 21, city unspecified,  Kansas – DUI ( .118).
    Kenneth l. Christiansen,  43,  Brooklet – DUI ( .096).
    Mark Alexander Bennett II, 19,  Savannah – DUI  under 21 (.070).
    Glen Howard Rogers, 34,  Bloomingdale – DUI ( .086).

Georgia Southern University Arrests
    Offricers issued two traffic violation citations Wednesday.
Statesboro Police Incidents
    WALKER PHARMACY – A woman was arrested after trying to get drugs with a forged prescription.
    PARKER CONVENIENCE STORE/ U.S. 80 WEST  – A man said a former employee, who he named and gave an address for, walked in and stole $559.
    THE EXCHANGE APARTMENTS – A man said someone stole a stereo, radar detector, knife, CDs and sun glasses from his truck.
    DELUXE INN – A woman said a dog ran out of a room and attacked her dog, which she was walking.
    GROOVER LANE – A man and woman argued over each other talking to members of the opposite sex.
    DONALDSON STREET – A woman reported the theft of two lap top computers.
    CAMPUS CROSSINGS APARTMENTS – A tenant reported the theft of a red BMW X3.
    WAL-MART – A woman concealed hamburger meat, underwear,  a Winnie the Pooh blanket and baby caps in her purse – and was charged with shoplifting.
    DONNIE SIMMONS WAY – A woman said another woman threatened her with bodily harm, then a man called her and did the same.
    RACO – Police responding to a call about custody interference arrested a woman after a child’s grandmother said a juvenile had been struck in the eye with a belt.
Bulloch County Sheriff's Incidents
    KENNEDY POND ROAD  - (Nevils/Register) Two women made several reports against each other; one accused the other of killing her dog, and the other said the first harassed her about it, but she did not kill the dog. The two women fought physically at a nearby convenience store after one allegedly made an obscene gesture toward the other.
    LANGSTON CHAPEL MIDDLE SCHOOL  - (Statesboro)  A student was arrested for marijuana possession.
    DAPHNEY LANE – (Register) A woman said a man was verbally offensive towards her and another woman.
    WESTOVER DRIVE – (Statesboro) Deputies responded to a domestic dispute between sisters.
Georgia State Patrol Incidents
    Troopers investigated one crash Wednesday.
Georgia Southern University Incidents
    Officers assisted 13 motorists, issued six traffic warnings, responded to one traffic accident and responded to one injured person call Wednesday.
    RECREATION ACTIVITY CENTER – Someone reported items stolen.
    UNIVERSITY HOUSING – Someone reported theft of property.

Central 911 Reports
    Central 911 dispatchers issued the following calls Wednesday:
    Bulloch County Sheriff's Department-  eight  calls.
    Statesboro Police Department- 22 calls.
    University Police Department –  one call.
    Georgia State Patrol –  five calls.
    Candler County Sheriff's Department  - seven calls.
    Evans County Sheriff's Department –   four calls.
    Claxton Police Department – three calls.
    Brooklet Police Department – one  call.
911 Fire Department Reports
    Central 911 dispatchers issued the following calls Wednesday:
    Statesboro Fire Department –  no calls.
    Bulloch County Volunteer firefighters - two calls.
911 EMS Reports
    Central 911 dispatchers issued the following calls Wednesday:
    Bulloch County EMS – one accident call and 15 medical calls.
    Candler County EMS –  four medical calls.
    Evans County EMS –  one accident call.
    Central 911 dispatchers also routed the following calls Wednesday:  a call to the Bulloch County coroner, a call to Bulloch County First Responders and a call to Bryan County 911.

compiled by Holli Deal Bragg.