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Evans police report - Evans Sheriffs Arrests Celso Mancilla Pacheco, 31, Dillar DriveFailure to
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Evans Sheriff’s Arrests
    Celso Mancilla Pacheco, 31, Dillar Drive—Failure to signal turn, no driver’s license.
    Jonathan James Brown, 38, Enterprise Road (Hinesville)—DUI, failure to maintain lane, driving with suspended license, open container.
    Israel Lopez, 36, Cemetery Road (Hagan)—Disorderly Conduct.
    Alberto Calvario, 36, Cemetery Road (Hagan)—Disorderly Conduct.
    Juan Patricio, 30, Danny Miller Trailer Park (Hagan)—Disorderly Conduct.
    Efrain Reyes Garcia, 46, Cemetery Road (Hagan)—Disorderly Conduct.
    Isaiah N. Porter, 33, North Broad Street—DUI, speeding 26 over, no license, obstruction.
    Juan Antonio Vazquez, 39, Highway 69—driving without license.
    Samuel L. Williams, Broad Street—wanted by Pembroke PD.
    Tyrone Mike, 28, West Main Street—turned himself in for sale of marijuana, holding for Department of Corrections.
    Robert L. Brown, 53, Lovers Lane—DUI, open container, improper stopping in roadway, obstruction.
Evans Sheriff’s Incidents
    OXENDINE DRIVE—A woman reported people riding bicycles through her yard.  Now her fence is knocked down, she reported.
    HIGHWAY 280 WEST—A woman was reported pushing a cart in the middle of Hwy 280.
    HIGHWAY 129 NORTH—Elderly man with Alzheimer’s disease reported missing after leaving his residence, possibly driving toward his former workplace in Savannah.
    DAISY NEVILS HIGHWAY—Black 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix repossessed.
    CAPRON LANE—Female reported that her boyfriend stole her 2001 Gold Honda. The vehicle was recovered the next day.
    HOMER DANIEL ROAD—A burglary was reported in which a window was broken and check book was stolen.
    CEDAR AVENUE—A fight between a mother and daughter was reported.
    ROGERS STREET—A woman reported a suspicious vehicle on a back road behind her house.
    PARKER SPRING ROAD—A burglary was reported.
    ALLEN SIKES ROAD—Elderly woman reported a vehicle turning into her driveway and going behind her house.
    HIGHWAY 292—A man was pulled over for failure to signal a turn. He then had no driver’s license.
    EVANS SHERIFF’S DEPARTMENT—A woman reported that her debit card had been compromised. After it was denied when she tried to use it, she received a call from a fraud company stating that someone had been using her card online.
    HIGHWAY 280—Officers conducted house checks at resident’s request, while he was out of town.
    HIGHWAY 301 NORTH—A woman reported that she was leaving work and noticed damage to her vehicle. She stated that someone had backed into her vehicle.
    MOSLEY ROAD—A man was located by officers because his name had been used by a man stopped for DUI multiple times. 
    HIGHWAY 301 SOUTH—Someone reported that a man driving a white GMC truck was pointing a gun.
    WINNMEIR ROAD—A domestic argument was reported, but then the parties told deputies they could work the problems out themselves.
    HIGHWAY 280 WEST—A man reported a prowler at his residence.
    HIGHWAY 280—Bryan Co. law enforcement called with report that a possible intoxicated driver was coming from Groveland driving a blue Silverado.
    ROGERS STREET—A woman reported a car with the headlights on parked on a dirt road behind her house.
    CEMETERY ROAD (Hagan)—A report that men kept calling Bulloch Central with a non-emergency call. After officers made contact with the subjects and found them unwanted at someone’s home, they were told not to return to that residence. A second call came when the subjects returned to the residence.
    SHADY OAK LANE—A woman reported a dark colored Dodge truck parked close to her house for several hours. The driver was a private investigator and stated that he had called to let them know he would be in the area.
    HODGES LANE—A grey Impala was reported driving around resident’s pond on private property. A family member tried to stop him to ask what he wanted, but he would not stop. The vehicle’s tag number was matched to a Cadillac out of Decatur, Ga., but officers did not locate either vehicle.
    HIGHWAY 129—A red Buick was reported passing a car and almost hitting him and his family head on. Officers saw two red vehicles, but with no tag number, could not identify which one it was.
    PERKINS MILL ROAD—A woman reported a trespasser driving a white Ford Explorer at her house.
    ARUBA ROAD—A woman reported that an acquaintance would not leave her house.
    EVANS MEMORIAL HOSPITAL—A nurse reported that a patient stated he was hit by a car, and the person left the scene.
    CEMETERY ROAD—A woman reported a male and female standing in the middle of the road arguing.
    MAGNOLIA STREET—An elderly woman reported a large crowd gathering outside on the street.